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Making models is a very relaxing pastime. It’s easy to be intimidated when you see all the rigging, decking, and other details. But this is an advanced project and it would be best to start with something smaller than the HMS Victory and Cutty Sark, for example. Start with smaller battleships or cruise liners. They have fewer fiddly pieces that could confuse a beginner.

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Remember when we said cruise ships were the easiest to build? It’s not surprising to learn that the Titanic, the tragic trans-Atlantic passenger liner, is the most popular ship model. Even today, more than a hundred years after the Titanic’s one-and-only voyage, its story of woe still attracts us. It has had enough books, films and documentaries made about it to fill the hold. It is also an excellent introduction to model ship building.

You might be surprised by the next most popular model. This is a Viking longboat. The Vikings were warriors that no one wanted to mess around with. This is a relatively easy project to do, and there’s only one sail. You’ll have a better chance of getting it right and gaining the skills you need for next time. For real life experience, try an RYA Day Skipper Course from

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Now we come to a battleship, but it’s not one of ours despite being famous for the British Navy. The Bismark was the ship that caused our Navy the most trouble during the Second World War.

The HMS Victory – you should now be ready to take on this monster if you have conquered the other ships. You will have to deal with huge sails, a lot of rigging, and masts. It might be a good idea to buy one that is already painted first.

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