The best ways to insulate your home from the cold

We are finally moving into the warmer part of the year. But there are still days when the wind is a little chilly. This might have you reaching for an extra jumper or turning the thermostat up just a degree or two. There are ways that you can help insulate your home to help keep it at a nice warm temperature.

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Cavity wall insulation – make sure that you have adequate cavity wall insulation installed as this helps your home to retain its heat and prevent the warmth from being lost through the wall space. There are lots of different ways that you can achieve this. It is always best to speak with a professional company to ensure it is being installed correctly.

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Draughts – we all know that draughts can make your room seem very cold. The most common areas are around windows and doors, but you can also find that draught concur around your downlight fittings. You can use Downlight Covers to help protect against this. They around the light fitting and help to fill any holes that may otherwise be visible.

Windows – make sure that your windows are at least double-glazed. This helps to keep the heat in your home. You should also regularly check around your window seals to make sure that they haven’t started to perish.

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