What Can Timber Be Used For?

Timber has many uses. It is used for the construction industry, such as building bridges and houses. Although the use of timber in construction has decreased as newer materials are increasingly used, the steady growth of population has meant that timber remains an important material for building. There are numerous other uses for timber, such as decorative materials and medicines. Here are a few of them.

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Finland and Southern Europe use almost one fifth of their timber for fuel. While the North American and European continents use significantly less timber for fuel, most tropical countries consume a considerable amount of timber for fuel. While the European Union uses timber to produce electricity and heat, it only uses a small fraction for these purposes. Other countries, such as Canada, use about 5 percent of their timber output as fuel. But the building industry is perhaps the most crucial use of timber.

For structural applications, timber is used in making plywood. Plywood is produced from timber. Plywood can also be used as sheathing for structures, whereas structural engineered wood products can be used to replace steel beams. Apart from these uses, timber can be milled into architectural woodwork, such as mouldings. This allows the production of structurally engineered wood products, which can withstand high loads. For more details on a Timber Frame House, visit a site like MBC Timberframe, suppliers of Timber Frame House supplies.

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Timber is a popular building material for sheds, outbuildings, extensions and even homes and there are many advantages to owning a timber framed home. Timber is durable, versatile, flexible and environmentally friendly.


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