What does a tree surgeon do?

The care and attention of trees are critical to the world. Without trees, both evergreen and deciduous, provide us with much-needed oxygen and the removal and conversion of carbon dioxide. We use trees in so many ways. Construction, stationery, packaging and furniture, all of these things come from trees and the wood they produce.

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Therefore, trees need to be maintained and looked after. We replant as much as we can, but the rate of deforestation in the world is still scarily high and, in many cases, unwarranted. To make matters a bit worse, when we do replant, it is usually in strongly ordered and arranged rows of uniformity. Forests grow best if allowed to be wild. Nature, and the animals that inhabit them, prefer this.

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Existing trees are cared for by teams like Kieran Boyland Tree Surgeon. This Tree Surgeon Poole based operation is always on hand to help. Tree surgeons remove dead wood and branches. They mould, or graft damaged trees and generally ensure that the pests and diseases are monitored and cured. This involves a very hands-on approach to the care of the trees.

Tree surgeons will get into the tree branches. It is a very outdoorsy job. They will climb carefully and work through the branches and trunk of the tree to make sure that everything is as it should be. A tree is a complex plant, and it needs an expert to make sure that it continues to grow and stay healthy.

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