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Skull Shaped Asteroid May be a Dead Comet

A roughly skull shaped asteroid, possibly the remains of a comet, will pass by the earth this November 11th. On Oct. 10, 2015, astronomers in Hawaii made a spooky discovery: a giant asteroid between 625 and 700 meters zipping through space, that at certain angles looks uncannily like a human skull. – via Quartz Better … Continue reading

Fact Check: Image of Secret Human Clones?

Years ago I read claims that secret underground government experiments involving human clones and animal-human hybrids were being conducted. I submit the following two images for your consideration: Looks spooky… because it was designed to. Don’t believe everything you see. Don’t believe everything you think. In a world where “loss of reality” is one of … Continue reading

Video: Mysterious Levitating Cars

He is an intriguing little video. Fact checking is a necessary skill in a time of disappearing reality, a skill undervalued and under taught. What is the first step to find out who created an interesting video you find if the source is not listed? Look closely at details. Are the shadows right? Where might … Continue reading

Thanos vs Obadiah Stane

I recently saw the infinity wars movie (enjoyed it!) but couldn’t help wondering through the whole movie if the actor who played Thanos was the same as the one who played Obadiah Stane, a previous Iron Man villain. It was not. Obadiah was played by Jeff Bridges and Thanos by Josh Brolin. Here are the … Continue reading

ComicCon Subscription: Amazon Prime Pulls a Fast One

Last night I could watch the SciFi series “Earth Final Conflict” with Amazon Prime Video, but this morning I cannot. Amazon Customer Care says I now need to pay for a subscription to a “Comic Con Channel” to finish watching the second half of Season 5 (after I watched the other 4 seasons), as of … Continue reading

Billion Year Data Storage

How can my 100 original song project be enjoyed by whatever humans exist in one million years? For starters, I’ll need very long term data storage. To make the million year mark with a margin for safety, one option may be storage on tungsten disks. There will likely come a day when humanity itself has … Continue reading

In the Future: Tesla Roadster Found in Space (Star Trek, Humor)

I never really got into this particular spinoff of the original Star Trek series, but any science fiction fan might enjoy this clip: Great isn’t it? In the original Star Trek: Voyager scene its a 1936 Ford in space. Rust? That’s right, Captain. High levels of ferric oxide corroded iron particles. Would you mind telling … Continue reading

Earth Ship Warning Light Blinking: Atmosphere Leak

The Falcon Heavy rocket was more than a publicity stunt or brilliant advertising for a car company. Don’t panic, but a warning light is blinking on our Earth ship’s console. Long range sensors show that our atmosphere is leaking away into space. Every day we lose around 90 tons of gasses from our upper atmosphere. … Continue reading

Real alien on video in car lot?

With so many people carrying video cameras 24/7, this clip is the kind of thing I’d expect to see more of if there were truly aliens among us. Thinking creatively, here’s how I’d hoax this one: film a kid in a suit doing this, then edit and replace his image frame by frame to get … Continue reading