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Saturn’s Mysterious Massive Hexagon

July 20, 2017


What natural process creates a hexagon in a planet’s atmosphere? There is a larger-than-earth hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole.  Conspiracy theorists have suggested the hexagon – which has sides longer than the diameter of planet earth – is an Illuminati structure, an alien spacecraft or even the gates to Hell. And as bizarre as those […]

The Last Animal Life on Earth will be… Microscopic Bears

July 14, 2017


Tardigrades aren’t really bears, of course, but they do resemble little eyeless bears with extra legs. It turns out they are pretty amazing, and much better than humans at survival.  Plenty of threats could wipe humans out — including climate change, nuclear war, and disease. But after we (and all other animals on the planet […]

The Earth Does Not Really Revolve Around the Sun

June 23, 2017


Here is a strange truth: Our planet is not revolving around the Sun. The Earth and our sun both revolve around a point known as the barycenter. (Red dot in image) What’s at the barycenter? Absolutely nothing and this does not violate any laws of gravity. How can this be?  Sun and the planets are […]

Total Eclipses Will End as Moon Slips Slowly Away

June 16, 2017


The moon’s average distance is inching  away from the earth and at some point total eclipses will no longer be possible because the moon will appear smaller and will no longer block the full disk of the sun. In 1695, Edmond Halley discovered that eclipses recorded in ancient history did not match calculations for the […]

NASA Probe to Touch the Sun’s Corona

May 31, 2017


A NASA heat shield technology can, in the size of a small car, create a room temperature space when the heat shield is facing temperatures of 2,500 F (1,377 C). I was surprised that they can navigate this probe to avoid the full heat of the corona, which can reach 3.5 million degrees F. In […]

Hints of Martians: Donut on Elvis’ Birthday, Cleaning Events

May 28, 2017


The theme of TrueStrange is “the strangest thing that happened in the world today,” or “the strangest thing I heard about today,” whichever seems more interesting. Today’s strange news award goes to the possibility of someone or something throwing a rock into the path of the Mars Opportunity rover and cleaning the solar panels when […]

Movie Idea: Moon as an Automated Ancient Spaceship that Saves Us

May 23, 2017


What if the moon is an ancient spaceship, the one that brought life to this planet long ago? In my script for a movie tentatively titled Moon Well, the moon ship is programmed to retrieve us and take us to a different world if this one ever becomes uninhabitable. It’s been running that program for the […]

How Big is This Universe?

May 19, 2017


If you like science history or just want to understand the universe better,  I recommend Everything and Nothing, the Amazing Science of Empty Space, which is a free documentary if you have an Amazon Prime membership.  Science, philosophy, history: all of that is mixed into this documentary that tries to conceive just how big space […]

NASA’s Space Submarine

May 10, 2017


How do you find underwater aliens on an ice planet? First, get a nuclear powered laser drill to cut through 10-15 miles of ice. Then, into the hole, put your space submarine. Something like this is NASA’s plan to explore Europa, an ice moon of Jupiter. Last year, NASA announced the development of a new […]

A Closer Look at the Tree Stump on Mars

April 28, 2017


A new unusual image from the Curiosity rover’s mastcam has people talking. Here’s a direct link to the image on NASA’s site. What do you think? Petrified tree or rock? Is there an ancient tree stump on Mars, or is it a rock?  That is the debate among some who have seen a photo taken […]

Strangest World Possible

April 18, 2017


In an infinite universe, must everything exist? For example, must there be a world where it rains tacos? We now have confirmed over 3,430 planets, some strange, outside our own solar system. Before 1992, we knew of none. Some people I’ve met did not understand that an infinite universe does not require unlimited possibilities.  Our […]

NASA ground based long range sensors find lost lunar orbiter

March 13, 2017


NASA can not only hit the moon with radar and get a reflection, they can now detect a 5 ft cube orbiting the moon using only ground based radar. They proved it by finding a lost lunar orbiter from India.   China, Japan, India, Russia, and the US either have sent or plan to send satellites […]

Anti-radiation vest may allow space exploration

March 6, 2017


The company that makes anti-radiation vests has a web site which says full body gamma radiation protection would weigh a quarter ton, so they have a solution that only shields vital organs.  US space agency NASA has said it hopes to send astronauts to Mars in the mid-2030s. The vest is made of layers that […]

Closer look: NASA photos of ‘trees’ on Mars

February 28, 2017


This is interesting. Have you seen the ‘trees’ on Mars? The dark shapes are debris trails, not trees. They sure look like trees.  A Nasa probe has sent back photographs of what appears to be trees on the planet’s surface The “trees” are really trails of debris caused by landslides as ice melts in Mars’s spring. […]

Most of the universe forever unreachable?

February 26, 2017


I found this article very interesting. It claims anything beyond 15 billion light years from earth will be forever out of our reach because the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Only three percent of universe would be within our reach if we had the ship capable of traveling at lightspeed.  By observing distant […]

NASA: Six earth-like planets orbiting one star just 37 ly away

February 23, 2017


How soon can we land on a newly discovered earth-like planet and populate it? At this time, we don’t have a single unclassified spacecraft that can get humans beyond low earth orbit, much less to Mars. By one estimate, traveling the 4.24 light years between Earth and Proxima Centauri, the closest star, would take over […]

Our solar system may get many more planets

February 21, 2017


Could our moon be a twin planet? By a new definition of planets, it would be.     Our solar system could be about to get 100 new planets, under a new proposal by a top NASA scientist.  But don’t worry – there’s not a whole bunch of new worlds flying towards our solar system, preparing […]

NASA to announce discovery beyond our solar system

February 21, 2017


I enjoy some mystery and suspense from an organization capable of announcing the real discovery of extra terrestrial life, preferably the kind that doesn’t want to eat us. Perhaps we need to get our own planet in order before we go trying to populate others? Then again, we really should have a back up planet. […]

Photos of largest heart in solar system from Earth’s fastest spacecraft

February 14, 2017


Did you know that there is a giant white heart shape on Pluto? I like to think it is planet scale graffiti, that someone left it for us as a message. … In 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft came across something incredible on Pluto’s surface while performing its famous flyby—a massive heart-shaped region that stretches […]

Earth algae can survive over a year in vacuum of space

February 9, 2017


Here’s one more clue that enhances the theory that life was seeded on earth from space. Algae from the Arctic Circle are used to tough weather, and it turns out they’re also able to survive the extreme conditions of outer space. Two specimens recently spent 16 months on the exterior of the International Space Station […]

ultra-rare “impossible” quasicrystal found in Russian meteorite

December 9, 2016


A quasicrystal’s atomic structure combines the symmetrical properties of a crystal and the chaos of an amorphous solid. Originating in outer space, these crystals aren’t just incredible because of how rare they are – their atomic structure is so peculiar, for decades their existence was dismissed as “impossible”, and they cost the scientist who first […]

Aquatic life on Pluto?

December 5, 2016


Pluto is hiding a very big secret some 3 billion miles (5 billion km) away from Earth: a vast ocean of liquid water. … it might amount to … about 75 percent of all of Earth’s liquid water reservoir … And Pluto is one of the Solar System’s smaller ocean worlds. Researchers announced their discovery […]

Irony: Altitude sickness stops second man on moon 

December 4, 2016


Buzz Aldrin said he was evacuated from the South Pole last week because he became short of breath and began showing signs of altitude sickness. The 86-year-old adventurer, who was the second man to walk on the moon, released details Sunday of his dramatic medical evacuation from Antarctica. He is continuing to recuperate in a […]

Astronomers find matter that spontaneously pops in and out of existence

December 1, 2016


For the first time, astronomers have observed a strange quantum phenomenon in action, where a neutron star is surrounded by a magnetic field so intense, it’s given rise to a region in empty space where matter spontaneously pops in and out of existence. Called vacuum birefringence, this bizarre phenomenon was first predicted back in the […]

Back when the earth had two moons

November 26, 2016


The theory that the Earth was born moonless and was hit by a Mars-sized plant, ejecting into space material that became our moon does not explain why the far side of the moon is so different from the side we see. Some researchers say our planet once had two moons. The missing satellite might still […]

Scientists find one of most massive objects in universe

November 23, 2016


Through the thick fog of our own galaxy, astronomers have spotted an ultimate prize: one of the largest-known structures in the Universe. Called the Vela supercluster, the newly discovered object is a massive group of several galaxy clusters, each one containing hundreds or thousands of galaxies. … Kraan-Korteweg and her team published their discovery of […]