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Milky Way: Star Movements Projected Over Millions of Years

This is interesting. Around 11:21 in the video below you can see the projected movement of stars in our galaxy, stars we cannot see with the naked eye. When they “turn time on” we see that some move together, but also they are going at all different rates and in different directions. From available data … Continue reading

Photo Shows China Faked Moon Probe? Doubtful.

An image from China’s moon lander of the far side of the moon is surprisingly devoid of the moon rocks seen strewn about in other images we have taken on the moon. There is also a “suspicious” white line, leading some to claim China’s landing is a fake. Is this powdery rockless image the real … Continue reading

Sun to Turn to Crystal

Stars turning into crystals? It sounds absurd and impossible, but it has happened billions of times in our galaxy alone and in about 10 billion years turning into a solid ball of crystal is the expected fate of our own sun. I look into my crystal ball and far in the future I see… a … Continue reading

Perpetual Steam Powered Spacecraft + Are *We* Alien Probes?

By mining water from asteroids and using solar power to create steam for propulsion, an asteroid mining space probe would “never” run out of fuel for exploration. This simple propulsion strategy could be part of a self-repairing self-multiplying army of space exploration drones. Using steam to propel a spacecraft from asteroid to asteroid is now … Continue reading

Probe Returns Image of “Rock Snowman” Beyond Pluto

This is far out. A billion miles beyond Pluto, that’s how far. The New Horizons space probe has beamed back the first images of an object it was directed to encounter a billion miles beyond the orbit of the former planet Pluto. Ultima Thule (officially 2014 MU69) is now the farthest object in our solar … Continue reading

(Video) Artificial Hollow Moonies

Some believe the Moon is hollow and artificial. While I love the science fiction idea that our moon is a gift from aliens or from a lost super advanced version of humanity, this speculation is based on facts which so far have other possible explanations.   Moon Hollows <> Aliens. Here on our high density … Continue reading

AI Found a Possible ET Radio Signal

An artificial intelligence system has found previously overlooked possible signs of extraterrestrial life in data collected by SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence organization. The mysterious and powerful radio bursts originated in a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light years from our planet. Unusual and “mysterious radio bursts” have been detected 3 billion light … Continue reading

There are Now Plants and Animals on the Moon

Strange but true, there are, as of January 3, 2019, plants and animals on the moon. A biosphere experiment in China’s unmanned Chang’e-4 lander contains rockcress seeds, potato seeds and silkworm eggs (in a container on the probe) on the far side of the moon. A small “tin” in the lander contains seeds of potatoes … Continue reading

Probe from China Lands on Far Side of Moon (Videos)

An unmanned probe from China called Chang’e-4 has just landed on the moon in the Von Kármán crater, the first spacecraft to soft land on the far side of the moon. Contrary to popular belief, the far side of the moon, while always facing away from the earth, is not always dark. Both sides of … Continue reading