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Universe’s Coldest Spot: Above the Earth

While you may be walking in a winter wonderland on this, our northern hemisphere’s shortest day of sun, the Winter Solstice, be warmed to know that there is a colder place not far away… closer, in fact, than the moon’s minus 413 F (minus 247 C) meaured in a crater at the northern pole. That … Continue reading

Pinkish “Farout”, New (Minor?) Planet in our Solar System

Our most distant solar system object is now a pink hued object (minor planet) nicknamed “Farout,” the discovery of which was recently announced. Scientists searching for Planet X, a proposed hidden planet assumed to be responsible for years of observed gravitational anomalies, found another minor planet in our solar system and it is quite far … Continue reading

Have You Every Seen… Our Sun’s North Pole?

Like me, you may have assumed that the sun looks the same from any angle, even from the top or bottom. Does it? Decide for yourself after viewing humanity’s best (non-secret) view of the top of our sun. Behold our great sun’s north pole! Very cool but wait, … are you sure that’s not the … Continue reading

A Map of All Starlight, Ever Produced vs the Eye of Sauron

A collaboration between earth based and space telescopes have created an entire sky map of all light from all observable stars in the universe … and it does not look like the Eye of Sauron. Well, perhaps just a little. From their laboratories on a rocky planet dwarfed by the vastness of space, scientists have … Continue reading

Video: Hunters Hear Crash, Find Space Craft Wreck

Two unidentified Russian men were on a hunting trip for boar and elk in the Komi republic. Here, in the far north of Russia, they heard a huge noise in the night, a “deafening crash through the pine trees.” The next morning the hunters stumbled across the wreckage of what they first thought was an … Continue reading

Strange Blue Texas Meteor Prompts Over 95 Fireball Reports

A rare blue meteor was captured last night on video (see below.) It came down outside of Johnson City, Texas and was seen and reported by many in multiple states. A bright blue fireball was caught on video streaking across the night sky in Texas, with many residents reporting a loud boom around the same … Continue reading

NASA Image Shows Chico “Camp Fire” Smoke Choking the Bay Area

Update: 11/12/2018: The Camp Fire is now the most destructive in California history, having leveled 6,713 structures, mostly homes, a total of 6,453. If you are in the Bay Area and feel like there is nowhere you can drive right now to escape the smoke, here is evidence from space that you are correct. Indoors, … Continue reading

Phaethon: Rare Blue Polarized Light Reflecting Comet-Like Asteroid

Blue asteroids are rare and blue comets are almost unheard of, but one blue space object in our solar system is stranger still: Phaethon is known as a “rock comet” because it blurs the line between asteroids and comets. It gets closer to the sun than Mercury, is mysteriously blue, and it leads an army … Continue reading

The Strongest Material In the Universe: Nuclear Pasta?

Fans of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may be glad to hear that there is a new candidate for the strongest material in the Universe: nuclear pasta inside neutron stars. This idea comes from a simulation, but leads to expectations scientists may one day experimentally confirm. The breaking strain of materials in neutron star (NS) crusts … Continue reading