Esports Off to a Solid Start in 2021

Throughout the past year many different sporting events have fallen on some difficult times given the temporary restrictions placed on many, but there had been a huge amount of success found for the growing world of esports as events were able to continue both online and offline. As the bigger games continue to grow and newer entries make their way onto the market too, 2021 is looking to be a great year overall for esports, and with the growth of esports betting here too, a much wider audience is making the transition across too. So where have the biggest opportunities been found so far?

Valorant leading the charge for FPS – Whilst Counter-Strike has been leading the way in the esports market for first-person shooters for the better part of two decades, the newest arrival from Riot Games is certainly looking to change up the market and has already been extremely successful at doing so. The tournament routine currently is limited to regional play as international events are still a bit rocky even in e sports, but with the end of the year shaping up to change things and become more open for international events too. Viewer numbers are going up, and there has been a huge transition from professional players from one game to another as Valorant is shaping up to be one of the premiere esports.

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A rise for traditional sporting too – To cater to a more casual audience, more familiar gaming titles have had to become available in order to enable success – names like FIFA and NBA2K have managed to gain a growing audience throughout the past year and look to continue growing moving forward too. Whilst perhaps never on the same level as some of the biggest titles in the world, they are covering some ground in order to help more traditional sporting fans make the transition to esports. With big support from the organisations and franchises that make up the market too, it allows for this space to get much bigger.

Successes for the established names too – The bigger names in esports with the likes of League of Legends and Counter-Strike are still very much chugging along at their own strong pace too, recent events for LoL have pulled in the big viewer numbers and upcoming offline events for Counter-Strike are set to move forward too. These online games in particular have been able to show that despite a global pandemic, there’s little to stop the successes being found in the market overall.

There are certainly still some difficulties being seen in the space, but it does seem as if offline and international events are back on their way up as planning is very much on the way, and as a growing number of more casual viewers are making the leap too there are plenty of opportunities for newer and existing fans alike.

How to Size a Bike That Helps You Find the Right One

When people shop for a new travel bike. One of the most common questions, we hear is what size bike should I buy?

Here we described short and quick tips and methods on how you can size your bike firstly.

Number Based System

Some people may have an idea of their bike side based on previous bikes.

They’ve ridden and said I ride a 54 well the manufacturer’s website says I’m a medium while that’s commonly how people do their bike shopping it is also a surefire way to end up with a bike that is their own size.

The problem is that traditionally bikes are categorized using a t-shirt sizing method or bike they’re labeled small medium and large.  A number-based system is also used where bikes are labeled 52 54 56 and so on.

This is important to clean your bike chain properly and here is a piece of information on how to clean a bike chain with household products.

Neither of these methods tells you how one buy compares geometrically to another.

If you compare actual measurements of two bikes from the same brand in a 54 you may get drastically different results even though they are advertised as being the same size.

Rode bikes we normally use measurements called frame sack and frame reach frame sack and reach measures a vertical and horizontal distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube.

The bikes only using frame size is an incomplete picture as the ergonomics and geometry of the Aero bars on bikes can vary from brand to brand and bike to bike some bikes.

The points of contact you have with the bikes can be very different depending on the brand bike and level of integration.

Armed Stack

At very first all use the same concept arm pads stack and arm pad reach measuring the vertical and horizontal distances from the center of the bottom bracket to the top edge of the arm pad.

We need to calculate the possible minimum and maximum positions using the stock equipment to get an understanding of the range of appropriate configurations for the bike.

We spent dozens of hours digitally measuring bikes to get a proper understanding of how one bike relates to another and the results are startling.

Take for example two bikes so felt v-series a classic triathlon platform from felt design for value and ease of ownership and the felt IA felt category killer providing Superbike performance and more accessible prices.

When comparing the felt B Series and the felt IA measurements show that the felt B has a minimum arm pad stack of six hundred and thirty-nine millimeters and a size 54 which is nearly an inch and a half taller than the felt IH which has a minimum arm pad stack of six hundred and five millimeters in the same size.

The minimum reach also has a significant discrepancy with there being about an inch difference from the same two bikes in the same side.

This effectively means that if you fit on one of the bikes the other doesn’t fit well even though they are from the same brand.

We’re not trying to pick on felt either this type of scenario exists throughout the Viking

world whenever someone comes into the shop and says they’re looking for a 54 doesn’t really help us all that much finding something that fits them well as a fit-centric shop.

This is a problem we tackle there making sure that people are getting the best bike for their money to help solve this problem we ignore traditional bike sizes and explicitly use arm pad sacks and arm pad reach as our go-to measurement to determine a bike size for bikes.

The only way we can be absolutely sure that you’re being sized right once we know you’re sick ordinance your contact points on a bike.

We can compare the emerging stack and reach measurement against the databases by geometries.

We’ve created to find the perfect bike for you this prevents scenarios we’re using traditional frame sizing leads.

You to buy an improperly sized bike. you can see many examples that bike rallies and races where people are using excessive spacers and memorized to try and compensate for having a bike that isn’t sized correctly.


Unfortunately, most bike shopping experiences start with questions about brands and test rides.

While those things are important those questions come after a proper fit session with a good bike fitter to determine your ideal fit coordinates.

When you go bike shopping – so armed with the correct measurements and shop with confidence knowing you’re going to buy a bike that is right for you.

If you want to learn more about bike repairing guidelines check OutdoorXsports for bike repairing posts.