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Largest Hula World Record and Why It Matters

True Strange News: Sept. 12 — Getti Kehayova, in Las Vegas (@getti_hulahoops on Instagram) now holds the Guinness World Record for largest hula hoop spun by a female. Getti said she had to practice for a year to accomplish this record breaking hula and she used a protective vest to keep from damaging her ribs.

The former circus performer achieved the record by spinning a hula hoop measuring 17 feet and 1/4 inches in diameter around her body three times. (UPI)

Miss Kehayova told True Strange News recently that although her custom made hoop was constructed of titanium, a light metal, it was still very heavy due to its size.

The current male record is held by an Indian father-son duo, Krishan Bhatia, 51 and Kshitij Bhatia, 16. They broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Hula Hoop Spun; twirling a giant hula hoop measuring 5.31 meters (17 ft. 4 inches). This record was previously held by Yuya Yamada of Japan, who spun a hula hoop of size 16 ft 10 inches.

Here’s why this accomplishment matters to us: One of the great things we do as humans is explore our limits and push beyond boundaries. This is why this reporter enjoys record breaker stories. The fact that someone worked this hard and successfully spun such a massive hula hoop can give us all hope that we humans can make it, that we have a fighting chance to explore our way out of the upcoming challenges we may face.

Keep up the good work!


Stray Dog Joins Human Race in China

A stray dog joined a 100-meter foot race in Yinchuan City, China, and came in second. Since the dog was not in place at the starting blocks and since the video available doesn’t show exactly when the dog joined the race, it is difficult to say if this was a fair second place.

Still funny.


Runners in a 100-meter race in China were surprised when a stray dog joined the competition — and nearly came in first.

A video filmed Thursday at the Beifang University of Nationalities in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, shows a white dog joining the human runners in the 100-meter event.

The video shows the canine finish second.

Witnesses said the dog is a stray that has been known to locals for more than four years.


Kudos to these athletes for continuing to race seriously in spite of the last minute surprise dog contestant and to the dog for helping to motivate the slower humans.

Would the fastest human beat the fastest dog in a fair 100-meter race?

In a word, yes. A greyhound dog, a breed which is the second fastest known land animal at acceleration behind the cheetah, would beat the fastest human at both the 100 and 200 meter events according to race data.

  • Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100-meter race at 9.58 seconds. A Greyhound has been measured doing that same distance in 5.02 seconds.
  • Usain Bolt also holds the world record for the 200-meter race at 19.19 seconds, as compared to the Greyhound who requires only 10.35 seconds cover the distance.
  • Source: PsychologyToday.
  • I like my title for this post.
  • “Stray Dog Joins Human Race in China” may get a few extra visits from people thinking it has something to do with cloning, but this was a (foot) race of humans, and a dog did join it, so fair enough, right?
  • Do you want to see an actual human-looking dog? Enjoy this photo of Yogi, the human-faced dog.
  • Perhaps it’s the eyes…

    All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championship

    This is the strangest thing I’ve seen today. Did you know that there is a real pillow fighting sport in Japan?

    In the small fishing town of Ito, 150 kilometers south of Tokyo, teams gathered from across the region to compete in the event that has been one of Japan’s quirkiest since 2013.

    Started by a group of high school children in Shizuoka, the game is based on the age-old ritual of pillow fighting when away from the supervision of teachers and parents at a sleep-over or on a school trip.

    The game starts with all five players ‘sleeping’ under duvets on futons before the whistle goes and they leap to their feet and reach for a pillow.

    A mix between dodgeball and chess, the aim is to protect each team’s ‘King’ from being hit by pillows whilst trying to hit the opposition’s ‘King’ during two-minute sets. One player on each team can also use a duvet as a shield.

    You really just have to see this to get it … and even then…

    New Record: For High-Heels Marathon

    Few can run a 6 hour 4 minute marathon and only one person so far has done so in high heels. This fast fashionable feet feat recently won one Christelle Doyhambehere a place in the Guinness World Records. She accomplished this at the Paris marathon a few days ago, with a time of 6:04:07.

    Christelle Doyhambehere, 34, of Pau, smashed the record previously set at the Chattanooga, Tenn., marathon by U.S. woman Irene Sewell, who ran the 26.2 miles in 7:27:53.

    Read more: UPI

    Yes, there’s a record for high-heeled marathon running. And when Doyhambehere ran in just over six hours, she beat that record by about an hour and a half. 

    Via NashvillePR

    LiveStrong has this for perspective:

    At a brisk pace, you might walk one mile in 20 minutes. This would take you just over 8.5 hours to walk 26 miles. Walking a 15-minute mile you would finish 26 miles in 6.5 hours, and walking a 13-minute mile would let you finish in a little over 5.5 hours.

    Via LiveStrong

    From all I’ve read, heard, watched and experienced I usually recommend 30 minutes to an hour of brisk walking daily. Pumping the arms vigorously while walking in place will work if you get stuck indoors.

    Walking is more anti-inflammatory than running and inflammation long term can lead to cancer, so there’s some good motivation. The reason walking is more anti-inflammatory is that running generates more free radicals. Walking also moves the lymph through the body’s series of one way valves and this takes out the cellular trash of the day as well as stimulating the immune system’s healthy functions.

    Accumulation of extra cellular junk is one of the seven big reasons we age, so walking daily is a powerful anti-aging medicine.

    Inflammation is a necessary part of the body’s immune response, but too much inflammation can lead to disease. Chronic inflammation may contribute to diabetes, obesity, celiac disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

    Via MedicalNews

    While running a marathon is a great accomplishment, my view is that it is not super healthy for the body. There are conflicting studies and headlines about the health benefits of distance running. Does running lengthen lifespan?

    These Serious Marathoners Lived 19 Years Longer Than Average

    As a longtime marathoner, cardiologist, and cardiac rehab specialist, Ben Rosin, M.D., read the “too much exercise can kill you” papers very closely when they began appearing about five years ago. …

    Via RunnersWorld

    Here’s an article that disagrees and says fast running is quite bad for your long term health.

    Fast running is as deadly as sitting on couch, scientists find

    A study of 1,098 runners found that those who ran the fastest were nine times more likely to die prematurely within 12 years than those who enjoyed a more sedate pace of around 5mph for two or three times a week. 

    In fact, strenuous runners were as likely to die as those who did no physical activity.

    Via Telegraph

    Running, or sprints like high intensity training (HITT) a few times a week may be better than just walking briskly.

    Have you looked at both sides of the running for health issue and reached a conclusion? Let us know.

    An important thing to get daily is a variety of movement. It doesn’t have to be formal exercise or sports. Cleaning, gardening, dancing around a bit or being on your feet at work counts as well.

    As to doing any of this in heels, that’s optional. While they make legs look nice and leggy, they are said to cause problems for women who wear them:

    … high heels can cause some serious problems for your body. Your feet are the base of your body’smovement and posture, so high heels can affect your entire skeleton.

    Read more: greatest

    I wonder if Christelle would agree.

    The World Record In Human-Powered Flight Still Stands from 1988

    Few things seem less likely than extended human-powered flight, but it has been done. The Icarus Cup is an ongoing competition for human powered flight. Below is a video of Zak Moore’s 1km flight in the 2018 Icarus Cup.

    If you think that’s cool, consider this: The world distance record for human powered flight has stood since 1988 at 115.11 km. That’s an amazing 71.52 miles.

    Kanellos Kanellopoulos (Greece) pedalled his Daedalus 88 aircraft 115.11 km (71.52 miles) from Heraklion, Crete, to the Greek island of Santorini on 23 April 1988. His epic flight lasted 3 hr 54 min 59 sec before an offshore gust broke off the plane’s tail and it crashed into the sea a few feet from the shore. – GuinnessWorldRecords

    The current distance record recognised by the FAI was achieved on 23 April 1988 from Iraklion on Crete to Santorini in the MIT Daedalus 88 piloted by Kanellos Kanellopoulos: a straight distance of 115.11 km (71.53 mi).  – Wikipedia

    Kanellopoulos carried a 6 hour supply of an energy replacement drink and spent four hours pedaling a million dollar human powered 68lb flying machine, setting a world record noone has yet beat in 30 years. If not for a strong wind breaking the craft near the end of his flight, he could have gone even farther. It must have been an awesome experience.

    A 1.4 Million Dollar Speedy Pigeon

    The most unlikely news I saw today was this: Armando, a champion speedy pigeon, was purchased for a record 1.4 million dollars by a Chinese bird racing enthusiast.

    PIPA, the website that organized the auction for Belgian breeder Joel Verschoot, said a pigeon named Armando was purchased by a Chinese buyer for $1.4 million, the highest price ever paid for a racing pigeon.

    The website said it expected Armando, considered to be “the best long distance pigeon of all time,” to sell for a large amount, but officials were shocked by the size of the final bid. … The previous record holder was a pigeon named Nadine, which sold for more than $450,000 at a 2017 auction. The buyer in that case was also a Chinese pigeon enthusiast.

    Via UPI

    This video says they do a 140 mile race in about 3.5 hours so racing pigeons can fly an average of 40 mph for 3.5 hours, impressive!

    The fastest homing pigeons, however, can definitely beat that:

    Their average flying speed over moderate 965 km (600 miles) distances is around 97 km/h (60 miles per hour)[4] and speeds of up to 160 km/h (100 miles per hour) have been observed in top racers for short[clarification needed]distances.

    Imagine driving down the freeway at 65 mph and suddenly a pigeon passes you going 90 mph.

    The greatest self-powered horizontal speed is achieved by Homing Racing Pigeons. They can fly 1100 km (700 miles) in a single day, and they have been recorded flying at 177 km/h (110 miles per hour), making them the birds with the fastest speed ever recorded on a self-powered flight, and the fastest endurance flight.

    This nearly 30 minute video below is interesting if you want to know more about Chinese millionaires who race pigeons. I just browsed it.

    Would you know a 1.4 million dollar racing pigeon if you saw one among the other pigeons in the park? I wouldn’t.

    “Psst. Wanna buy a fast bird?”

    Strange Golf: Eagle Helps Man Make Hole-in-One

    Here’s a strange once-in-a-lifetime experience: If this YouTube video is to be believed, an eagle took an interest in a British Columbia man’s golfball and dropped it into the hole for him before flying away, giving him an unoffical hole-in-one and one amazing true strange story.

    Can eagles be trained? This could create a whole new hybrid golf sport. I’d watch more golf if trained eagles were part of it.

    “I was playing my first round of golf of the season. 2nd hole, par 3, I hit my tee shot onto the green. As I walked towards it, a Bald Eagle swooped down and started to take an interest in my ball, trying to pick it up and fly off with it. I started recording while ‘encouraging’ the eagle to drop the ball in the hole. Excitement ensued when he did indeed drop it in the hole for my first ever hole in one. Despite the rules of golf saying I need to replace it (which I did and missed the putt), this will still go down as my hole in one story for life.”

    The golfer said he was playing his first round of the season at a Vancouver-area course when an eagle landed on the green of the second hole and started toying with his ball.

    Via Breitbart | UPI

    It looks like the eagle was being harassed by a smaller black bird at the time. I wonder if either bird thought the ball was a strange bird egg.


    (Video) Surfing Santas, A Brief History

    Merry Christmas. Here is a strange and festive annual holiday happening you may want to check out if you find yourself near Cocoa Beach, Florida: Surfing Santas. The event has grown since it was started in 2009 and now thousands attend to watch and hundreds participate by surfing in costume each Christmas Eve. This year (yesterday) some 600 Santa surfers attended and raised money for charities.

    Monday’s Surfing Santas event raised $40,000 for two local nonprofit organizations: Grind for Life, which helps people with cancer, and the Florida Surf Museum.

    These Santas weren’t riding sleighs and were more likely to glide along with jellyfish than reindeer, but from the photos, it looks like a cool way to spend Christmas Eve.   

    Via HuffPost

    In December 2009, George Trosset, & George Jr. With his wife Britteny, paddled out for a Christmas Eve surf. For the last 6 years, the gathering has grown to over 300 Surfing Santas in the water at the same time.

    Surfin’ Santas has evolved into annual gathering of the local surfing “tribes”, sharing the ride of Christmas Magic. It is the one day a year that ALL the local tribes share ALL the waves at a local surf spot.

    Annually, on December 24, at 8 am EST, at the end of Minuteman Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Florida, this fantastically fun event will happen. Thousands of people and hundreds of Surfing Santas will gather to ride the waves and share fun in the sun.

    Via YouTube

    Only 363 days until Surfing Santas 2019!

    Wishing you and yours the best.