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Claim: Cooling Without Energy Consumption

These scientists didn’t break a law of physics, but it appeared so at first. The second law of thermodynamics, one of the fundamental rules of this universe, says that heat can flow by itself only from a warmer to a colder object. Now, however, in the strangest claim I’ve found for this Sunday morning, researchers … Continue reading

The Kangaroo Chicken Mouse, aka Jerboa

Welcome to the weekend. The best strange thing I have for you today is an unusual little beast, a creature I call the kangaroo chicken mouse. They are not actually in the mouse, kangaroo (or obviously chicken) families, however. Officially known as a jerboa, this crepuscular hopping desert rodent Native to North Africa and Asia … Continue reading

New Record: For High-Heels Marathon

Few can run a 6 hour 4 minute marathon and only one person so far has done so in high heels. This fast fashionable feet feat recently won one Christelle Doyhambehere a place in the Guinness World Records. She accomplished this at the Paris marathon a few days ago, with a time of 6:04:07. Christelle … Continue reading

Strange Musical Instrument: The Kalumbu

Here’s an interesting unusual musical instrument you may not have heard. A kalumbu is a one-stringed musical bow. A cool example of a song played with it by Chris Haambwiila is popular on YouTube: Chris, from Chitongo village, in Zambia is one of the best players of the kalumbu. Enjoy. – TrueStrange.com

Dec 31st Babies Become 2-year-olds Next Day, in S. Korea

This is strange: Based on very old conventions for assigning ages, babies in South Korea are given the age of one year old when they are born plus they get an additional year added to their official age on January 1st. This results in some 2 year old infants. Just two hours after Lee Dong … Continue reading

Invention: One Way Sound

This is the best strange news item I read today: one way sound technology from Yale university. If this makes it to the consumer market, it will be a most welcome invention for recording engineers and many others. Imagine being able to hear people whispering in the next room, while the raucous party in your … Continue reading

3D Printing Human Hearts with Stem Cells

With thousands waiting for replacement hearts around the world, the quest is on for created replacements made of patient stem cells or rejuvenated heart tissue to avoid problems with tissue rejection as often occurs with donor hearts. Israeli scientists have moved science one step closer in the quest. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have printed … Continue reading

Breaking: Historic Cathedral in Paris Burning

Strange News Alert: Norte Dam Cathedral in Paris, France is burning. Crews are working to save some of the art inside but the frame will likely be lost. Video: the spire falls, today, April 15, 2019 Comments/Rumors: “No fire until now in 800 years.” “Some restoration construction may have started it.” “Is the hunchback okay?” … Continue reading

35 Foot Humpback Whale Investigates Southern California’s Ventura Harbor

This video of a 35 foot humpback whale is one of several interesting things I’ve been enjoying finding and sharing on Instagram @truestrangenews. Stop by and follow if you are ever on that app. On YouTube the caption of one video is “This 35-foot Humpback Whale was trapped in Southern California’s Ventura Harbor” Another has … Continue reading