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Dashcam: high winds blow moving semi onto empty police car

Freeways in Wyoming are quite long and the odds of this happening just as it did are extremely low, but highly weird and unlikely things happen every day.  Dashcam video … Continue reading

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Huggable breathing robot pillow could cure insomnia

It could be your ideal sleeping companion – intelligent, caring, soft yet firm of body. And it won’t hog the duvet or thrash about in the night. Researchers have developed … Continue reading

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Brain balls, the beginning of better beings?

Brain cells self-organize into structures given the right conditions. Research using them may contribute to less animal cruelty and to more customized drugs in the future, but answer me this: … Continue reading

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Belly fat was really 130-lb benign tumor

It looked like fat. 57-year-old Roger Logan’s abdomen was so large the growth hung over his lower body like a boulder. It felt like fat. Logan was all but confined … Continue reading

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Woman killed by clothing donation bin

Judith deserved better, even if she was stealing clothes from the poor using a Hummer as a getaway car. A 56-year-old Pennsylvania woman has died after her arm became trapped … Continue reading

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Pillars of light appear in sky over Korean city

Multiple witnesses saw ten light pillars in the Busan sky in South Korea on the last three nights. They remained in the same place over time. The best explanation from … Continue reading

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The Tonga Cloud Jesus

You don’t see this every day.  A young woman was fortunate enough to notice a figure in clouds and then as the sun got into the perfect position, the figure … Continue reading

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