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Anti-Stalking + Legit Journalism + 100 Old Smoking Age

Due to spooky events in my life, I’ve been on the “low to no tech challenge” for a few weeks now. It has been difficult. Try it sometime: Get a few of those pouches that block ALL emissions from your toll booth pass, phones, key fobs, RFID containing items, laptops, etc, seal them all in … Continue reading

Future of TrueStrange

Sorry for the break in TrueStrange posts. I’m still on a sad mission to take my fiancee’s ashes up to Alaska.  The strangest thing going on for me is that I seem to have annoyed a religious squad with a leader trained in the military and they appear to be digitally and physically stalking me, … Continue reading

Sleep Learning is Possible

What have I learned in my sleep tonight? A heavy rain and a (branch?) crash on the roof wakes me at 4:00 am. In a cold sweat, my ears ringing loud with tinnitus, I hear the powerful howling wind and think that all this fury is still miniscule compared to what could be unleashed. I … Continue reading

A $1,000 Indonesian Fruit + Smell-o-Phone

Would you pay $1,000 for any single fruit in the world? The strangest thing I found today is a fruit (a durian variety) in Jakarta, Indonesia for which people will pay over $1,000 each. The smell of a durian, which has caused flight delays, is one I’ve never experienced, so I started wondering about smell-o-phones… … Continue reading

A Rare Heart Shaped Meteor

This is neat. To me, finding this heart meteor was a little reward, a personal sign for today. (See previous post) A British auction house is offering an unusual item just in time for Valentine’s Day: a 22-pound meteorite shaped like a heart. The auction house, Christie’s, said “The Heart of Space” meteortize was part … Continue reading

Sub-Zero Sun Dogs, Alaska Prep, Oddities, God

I’ve seen sun dogs before and have probably blogged about them, but cold weather as a cause got my attention due to my quest to take my fiancé’s ashes up to Alaska. Here are the sun dogs: Sub-zero temperatures in West Michigan led to many residents spotting a “sun dog” phenomenon that made it look … Continue reading

The Unexpected Tree Couch

As I know not when the unspecified doom foretold me by persons or places of power is coming, I’ll keep doing what I love for now: blogging the world’s best non-gross strange news. Any ideas how a couch like this one gets up a tree like this one? This is great. It looks impossible. Any … Continue reading

Cancer Cells Turned into Harmless Fat Cells in Mice

We are built from cells that form tissues and organs. The free-radical theory of aging says accumulation of cell damage from oxygen (ROS) generated in metabolism eventually ends the balancing act of life. Crudely, we rust faster than we repair. Biological longevity is sometimes seen as a ballance between cells that die too fast (senescence) … Continue reading

iOS 12.1 Hacked for $50,000 Reward

You would think that by now, device operating systems would be unhackable, but that is, unfortunately, not the case. Strangely enough the lastest iOS version 12.1 was recently infiltrated during a contest in Tokyo. Apple, acknowledged the zero-day exploit and the hackers were paid a bounty of $50,000 for finding the flaw(s). No word yet … Continue reading