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Man stopped going to work, no one noticed for 6 years

Here’s a strange news story from 2016 that I missed: A man stopped going to work – and nobody noticed for six years.  A Spanish civil servant who failed to … Continue reading

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Thieves use heavy equipment to steal ATM

Some robbers in Texas were determined to make off with an ATM. Dramatic surveillance video shows the heist as it unfolded at a Texarkana Credit Union in the early hours … Continue reading

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Legs escape uterus in strange pregnancy complication 

Doctors at Angers University Hospital in France had never seen this one before. It is only the 26th documented episode of an extremely rare pregnancy complication, a tear in the … Continue reading

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Strangest of possible worlds

In an infinite universe, must everything exist? For example, must there be a world where it rains tacos? We now have confirmed over 3,430 planets, some strange, outside our own … Continue reading

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Bizarre “spherical” cloud over Japan

Bizarre pictures coming out of Japan last week show what appears to be an oddly spherical cloud hovering over the city of Fujisawa, just south of Tokyo. According to reports … Continue reading

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Video: Bighorn sheep breaks window. Know why?

Watch this video of a bighorn sheep breaking a glass window. It looks like a case of mischievous vandalism. What’s going on? Christian Addie said he was on his lunch … Continue reading

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CIA: Russia hacked US election to make Trump win

A secret assessment by the CIA has just concluded, and it has reportedly determined that Russia meddled in the 2016 election to help propel Donald Trump to a White House … Continue reading

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