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Fingerprint Building, Privacy Erosion

July 25, 2017


Here's a biometric building design, great idea for a crime lab. This building does not exist, it's a digital fake, but a true strange incident did occur involving fingerprints and a building: The FBI once entered and demanded the fingerprints of everyone in a building, to be used to open iPhones. The idea was that […]

Everyone … is Really a Genetic Mutant

July 20, 2017


Not all DNA mutations result in visible differences like the "wolfman syndrome," but every human has ~70 to 200 random genetic mutations. This means you are a mutant, (congratulations,) and so are all of your human relatives, meaning everyone alive today. Depending on what mutations happened in the random luck of the draw during your […]

Saturn’s Mysterious Massive Hexagon

July 20, 2017


What natural process creates a hexagon in a planet’s atmosphere? There is a larger-than-earth hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole.  Conspiracy theorists have suggested the hexagon – which has sides longer than the diameter of planet earth – is an Illuminati structure, an alien spacecraft or even the gates to Hell. And as bizarre as those […]

Your Brain Has What Amounts to a “Sprit Eject” Button 

July 18, 2017


If someone zaps a certain area in your brain, you will experience floating out of your body. A similar effect can be obtained by transferring your self awareness into another person or object by hijacking your brain’s “this is me” body cues such as visual perception, breathing and heartbeat.  Olaf Blanke, a neurosurgeon at University […]

How Everyone Alive Now on Earth … is Your Cousin

July 15, 2017


It is strange but verifiably true from our DNA that everyone alive has a common relative about 3,400 years ago. This makes us all cousins.  Think about it. With everyone alive being about 100th cousins, there are some shocking things you can claim that are completely true. A few examples: You and I are related […]

Strange Sightings: Whispy Ring UFOs

July 13, 2017


A mysterious ring-shaped UFO appeared in the sky above the M62 roadway in West Yorkshire reportedly, “terrifying drivers who had ‘never seen anything like this’.” What might these strange sky circles be?  On 27 April 2016 a video showed the bizarre cloud-like phenomena hovering above the Magic Castle at the popular theme park in California. […]

Bears Invading Cars

July 12, 2017


Do you check your car carefully for bears before you get in? If your car appears to have a bear in it, don’t wait around to see if the bear finds a way out of your car. Bears kill and eat people. Not often, but it happens. A North Carolina couple captured photos of their […]

Mystery: Artificial eyelashes appear, but no kinkajou

July 10, 2017


This morning I woke up, rolled over, and found what appears to be a woman’s artificial eyelash(es) in my bed. Weird, eh? Do objects ever just appear out of thin air? I think quantum theory says that it is possible. It is more likely, however,  that I acquired it unknowingly at the music video shoot […]

Don’t sleep outside: Teen wakes to crunching sound of bear biting his head

July 10, 2017


This is a crazy story. Dylan looks in amazingly good shape for having his skull bitten by a bear and for being dragged 10 feet by his head. He gets an official Badass of Camping award from me for successfully fighting off an attacking bear bare handed.  A teen staffer at a Colorado camp fought […]

Piglet with monkey’s face / Holoprosencephaly / Homer’s Cyclops,

July 8, 2017


From past True Strange posts, enjoy this piglet, a curious biological anomaly. I’m surprised anyone today would try to deny a common DNA source of all life on earth. In addition to what we know about genes resulting in physical traits, it is visually obvious that animals fall into genetic groupings.  Curious locals flocked to […]

British man wanted to press charges against bacon eating cat

July 8, 2017


People are strange, when cats eat bacon. Women seem wicked, letting them so. 🎶  The ridiculous caller wanted the emergency services to take action against both his partner and her pet for the bacon burglary.  During the recording, the call handler can be heard asking the man what he wants police to do. The man […]

Do All Raccoons Ride Alligators?

July 5, 2017


A common logic error many make is wrongly assuming that one example of something is proof that it is widespread and common. Generalizing is something we do naturally because it saves time and helps us understand the world. It is also at the root of some human problems such as prejudice and xenophobia, however. Richard […]

Sign up for Strange News Alerts

July 4, 2017


New: Strange News Alerts are a low volume special mailing list with very brief headlines only when something exceptionally weird happens in the world. SIGN UP NOW (Opens another site, since WordPress won’t let me do all of this.) This is separate from and much more brief than the blog email list.

A Roman War Tool Still Influences the World

July 3, 2017


You may have heard the quotes, “Truth is the first casualty of war,” or “The winner of a war rewrites history,” but few know we still today experience a history rewrite by Romans who won an ancient war. If independent historical religious researchers are correct, the Flavian emperors of Rome left behind not just language, pottery, […]

Strange Food Warning: Human Placenta Pills

July 2, 2017


For various reasons some new mothers eat their own placenta. New mothers, if you have passed an infection to your child at birth and opt to later eat your placenta in pill form, don’t use the company an Oregon woman used; the pills seem to have sickened her new child with strep bacteria. This unusual […]

Secret Plan to Clone Salvador Dalí?

June 27, 2017


They say it’s about a paternity case, but the genetic material to soon be collected might be secretly used to clone the long dead surrealist painter. In a surreal turn, a judge in Madrid ordered that Salvador Dalí’s body — interred for nearly three decades — be exhumed after a 61-year-old Spanish woman claimed the […]

Mystery: Four Dead Liver-less Great White Sharks

June 27, 2017


How and why are Orcas (theory) removing Great White Shark livers and other select organs with ‘surgical precision’ near South Africa? Orca whales have claimed the life of another great white shark by eating its liver and leaving it for dead, making it the fourth such gristly death in less than two months. During a […]

Strange Exits: French Fitness Blogger Killed by Whipped Cream Dispenser

June 22, 2017


There are few stranger fates for a healthy fitness advocate than this.  French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger died June 18 after a whipped cream dispenser exploded and struck her chest. According to the BBC, Burger died of cardiac arrest following the freak accident, which her family has said was caused by a faulty dispenser. The […]

Massive 6.8 California Quake Triggers Alert, 92 Years Later

June 21, 2017


The strangest thing I heard about today was a QuakeBot writing a story in the Los Angeles Times for … … an earthquake felt on Twitter – and nowhere else. A report of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara, Calif. turned out to be a false alarm. An automatically generated […]

Goat born without eyes and with ‘human lips’

June 19, 2017


It’s a sad comment on humanity that anything different is branded as “evil.” A goat branded “evil” by villagers after it was born with no eyes and ‘human-like lips’ will be hand-reared by a kind hearted farmer. The farmer, known as V Chandra, admitted he was shocked when he saw the newborn animal for the […]

Aggressive Bees Swarm  Huntington Beach Woman, Invade Home

June 18, 2017


Watch out for bees in the Huntington Beach area. A woman was hospitalized with multiple stings after a swarm of bees attacked her in Huntington Beach on Saturday morning, authorities said. The Huntington Beach Fire Department received a call shortly after 9 a.m. and arrived to find bees “swarming all over” the woman, said Capt. […]

Conjoined Twin Porpoises Caught in the North Sea

June 14, 2017


Scientists in the Netherlands have reported the first known sighting of conjoined twin porpoises. The animals were dead when fishers in the North Sea caught them in a net.   The porpoises were male babies, their age clear by their not-yet-firm dorsal fin, small hairs on their upper jaws and an open umbilicus from where […]

Strange Sliding Feet Kinesthetic Hallucination 

June 10, 2017


I have not been sleeping the last four days, and it’s getting harder to concentrate as a result. You may notice my writing gets more chaotic as I fight Lyme/mold/immune system dysfunction. Perhaps it will be amusing or of scientific value. Here’s something pretty strange that happened to me this morning: Today, fully awake, standing […]

Fair Warning: It’s Illegal to Sell Fake Drugs for God

June 8, 2017


If you are caught selling fake drugs to provide God with extra cash and help people stay sober, I’d think you’d be charged with, at most, endangering your own life and perhaps creating a public nuisance, but be on notice that it is totally illegal to sell fake drugs.  A man’s divine calling has landed […]

What the bleep, NJPD? Kicking an innocent flaming bystander?!

June 8, 2017


At the end of a police chase, a bystander, who is on fire(!), rolls on the ground and removes a flaming shirt or jacket to put out the fire. As if his night wasn’t bad enough yet, next a New Jersey cop kicks him in the face as he is getting up, and other officers […]

Deep Sea Find: A Faceless Fish

May 31, 2017


A mysterious fish with no face has been rediscovered after more than 100 years. Researchers in Australia have discovered a bizarre “faceless” deep-sea fish — last seen over 100 years ago. The roughly 15-inch long fish, officially known as a Faceless Cusk, was rediscovered over the weekend more than 13,000 feet deep in waters south […]