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Eerie otherworldly blue clouds descend over Antarctica 

Each year, an eerie mass of bright blue clouds descends over Antarctica, as sunlight is reflected though dense layers of ice crystals to create a brilliant, glowing haze that can … Continue reading

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Mystery: Outbreaks of tornadoes in the USA getting worse

If you’re lucky, you and your family won’t ever be seriously threatened by a tornado – but if the worst happens, chances are that tornado probably didn’t come alone. Tornado … Continue reading

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Claim: Forensic evidence US First Lady is male

Well, this is the strangest thing I heard/saw today: Some are certain that Obama is secretly gay and that the First Lady is secretly a transsexual man.  The above video … Continue reading

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Healthy Bacon Flavored Mushrooms?

A Tucson mushroom company claims their oyster mushroom variety tastes like bacon when cooked, but is much healthier. It’s fitting that Craft Bacon Flavor Mushrooms were conceived in Tucson, AZ, … Continue reading

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What are Ultraterrestrials?

Coined by ufologist John Keel in the 1970s (in his Operation Trojan Horse) to explain the mystery airships, and the Mothman, among other things, ultraterrestrials are like extraterrestrials: a much … Continue reading

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Secret door into house

This makes me wonder if the house has an ordinary door as well.

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Ice rink with embedded dead fish sparks uproar

There was a backlash on social media about this. The owner said he just wanted to educate people about fish. He apologized and said he did not anticipate the negative … Continue reading

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