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Squirrel Stashes 200 Nuts in Woman’s Car

Highly unlikely things happen every day. Here’s a good one: Recently in Pittsburgh a woman was surprised by unexpected walnuts (and grass) on top of her car’s engine.

A Pittsburgh woman who detected a burning odor and heard a strange noise while driving her car looked under the hood and discovered a squirrel had stashed grass and more than 200 walnuts on top of her engine.

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You just never know with life what a day (or a squirrel) will bring.

True Strange News

Man Awarded $8B for Unexpected Breasts

A man given the drug Risperdal for autism grew unexpected larger breasts as a side effect. Because he was not warned of this possibility a jury awarded Nicholas Murray, 26, a whopping $8 billion from the drug company manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Yes, that’s billion, with a B.

US drug firm Johnson & Johnson has been told to pay $8bn (£6.6bn) in punitive damages to a man over claims he was not warned that an anti-psychotic drug could lead to breast growth.

A Philadelphia jury made the award to Nicholas Murray, 26, whose case was one of thousands pending in the state.

His lawyers argued J&J’s subsidiary Janssen put “profits over patients” in marketing the drug Risperdal.

J&J will appeal the ruling, which it said was “grossly disproportionate”. …

“A jury, if it’s outrageous enough conduct, will award a big number and let the lawyers and judges work it out,”

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A psychologist prescribed the drug after diagnosing him with autism spectrum disorder. In late 1993, the drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating schizophrenia and episodes of bipolar mania in adults.

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Mister Murray is young and he may have a lifetime of suffering as a result of this drug, but $8 billion? Well, the net worth of Johnson and Johnson is currently over $340 billion according to one source, so that may have been a factor for the jury. Perhaps before the drug Mr Murray had a reasonable lifetime potential net worth of $8 billion based on not having man-boobs, who can say?

He might have otherwise established a men’s fitness club empire, for example, with his ripped physique featured on billboards and magazines around the world.

With such a shocking initial award it will be interesting to see what he finally ends up with. Seems like it should be at least $8 million… perhaps $80 million… or could he end up with $800 million? With a $3 million breast reduction surgery, he’d still be set for life. Good luck to him.

True Strange News

How Ancient Greeks Knew the Earth’s Size

The video below is a great strange little lesson in science history and human ingenuity. Having brains that instinctively build models and extrapolate from those models has been one secret of our species’ great success.

Carl Segan explains how the ancient Greeks knew the earth was round and also it’s appropriate size thousands of years ago.

NASA Chief Scientist: Public Can’t Handle Life on Mars

There have been some intriguing statements from Jim Green, chief scientist at NASA about discovering life on Mars. Suggestions are, due to radioactivity on the surface, that life on Mars will be found underground. We typically think the first life found on another planet will be microscopic but statements about the public not being able to handle the discovery may hint at one or more macroscopic (large) life forms on the red planet.

… if scientists discover there was once life — or there is life — on the Red Planet, will the public be able to handle such an extraterrestrial concept?

NASA chief scientist Jim Green doesn’t think so.

“It will be revolutionary,” Green told the Telegraph. “It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don’t think we’re prepared for the results. We’re not.”

Source CNN 9/30/2019

Would the discovery of microscopic life on Mars shake up the world too much? Would it cause instability in any world governments? Would faith based people around the globe, seeing a Mars microbe suddenly say, “Oh no! All of those scientist types were right! Evolution is true! And if evolution is true… There is no god! I’ve been a superstitious fool! I will now live in anarchy, following no rules! I will stop paying taxes and I will henceforth run amok, committing crimes every day! And why not, since life on earth is nothing special?”

I think not. Microbial life on Mars would just be absorbed into existing religions as another creation of God.

But what if the stereotypical grey aliens have been living under the surface of Mars? 👽 What if they are 10,000 years more advanced that were are, technologically? Or 100,000? Or a million years more advanced? What if certain rumors are true and THEY created our species? I think solid undeniable evidence of that would shake many people to the core.

If there was ever undeniable proof, just as an example, that the story of Jesus was a Roman war tool written by Flavius Josephus and his friends to shame the Jewish people in Rome at the time into being more peaceful and accepting Roman rule, what would that change today?

Would civilization crumble? No. People would adjust and adapt, as we eventually do in any paradigm shift. Most who do now would keep going to church. The concept, the goodness, still rings true, even if it was ever shown to us by aliens that there was not a historical Jesus. (I’m not claiming there wasn’t, I’m just examining the possible impacts of a dramatic paradigm shift.)

The original radio drama “War of the Worlds” was said to have caused widespread panic, except it actually didn’t. It caused a rational reaction of making many people call the police and newspapers to ask if Martians were actually invading the earth, but that was it. (Source) Thinking that people would panic is often flawed. They’d “trip out” certainly, but likely would not go crazy with any major behavioral changes.

So, what is it on Mars that the public can’t handle? What if we actually came to the earth from Mars billions of years ago? What would that change? Anything?

How about immortal ancient protohumans living in super cities under the Martian surface?

What if our “place in the universe” is that we are a discarded experiment by beings of Mars? What if, to our creators, we are just a failed Petri dish of unintelligent bipeds who can’t survive long term because we pollute ourselves to extinction?

I believe in the human spirit, so I think even in that somewhat depressing scenario, we would continue to fight to make ourselves better, to beat the odds, to thrive and survive. Go humans!

True Strange News

203,000 PG&E Customers Without Power In California

Well, this is strange news. Pacific Gas & Electric has shut off power to many people in California due to high winds to avoid downed power lines sparking forest fires. Outages could last several days.

More than 1/2 of all counties in the state are expected to experience outages.

Cell phones will operate for a time during outages since cell phone towers have backup batteries and diesel generators, but it is unclear how long each tower will stay up.

Stay tuned for more.

I’m watching live coverage on Periscope at AgendaFreeTV.

Hello Californians, do you have power? The Redding paper had this 4 hours ago:

… PG&E said more than 52,000 customers in Shasta (27,960) and Tehama (24,374) will be affected by the utility’s Public Safety Shutoff program.

In Shasta County, PG&E said residents in Anderson, greater Redding, Shingletown, Palo Cedro, Cottonwood, Lakehead, Millville, Bella Vista, Oak Run, Whitmore, Igo, Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Big Bend, Ono, Shasta and Burney should be on alert for a possible power shutoff. …


The number of customers to be affected may reach nearly 800,000.

The latest update at the PG&E site as of this writing says it may be several days of no power.

For those using well water, this can also mean no water. Be prepared.

Based on the latest weather readings, PG&E will be turning off power in portions of our service area as outlined below. Once the weather subsides and it is safe to do so, PG&E crews will begin patrolling power lines, repairing damaged equipment and restoring customers.

Outages (weather event plus restoration time) could last longer than 48 hours. For planning purposes, PG&E suggests customers prepare for outages that could last several days.

True Strange News

Florida Men Arrested for Forcing Alligator to Drink Beer

Things get weird in Florida, as all followers of the misadventures of Florida Man know. This time it’s some epic stupidity and felony “taking of an alligator” in Palm City, Florida. Newsweek has the details:

Two Florida men were arrested after allegedly catching an alligator and encouraging it to bite one of the men’s arms while forcing it to drink beer, according to a report from TCPalm.

Authorities say Timothy Kepke, 27, and Noah Osborne, 22, were both arrested Thursday after enacting the scheme in Palm City, Florida. The men were charged with one count each of unlawfully taking an alligator, a felony.

According to the report, Kepke says Osborne had caught the alligator at 10 p.m. on August 26 in Palm City. He apparently took the animal from the side of a road with his bare hands. … After apparently sharing beer with the alligator, the pair released the animal back into the wild.

Others have done this in the past. Similar stories are on the net.

Now you know, alligators can get drunk, but it’s not interesting or cool. I recommend getting a higher quality of fame by breaking some world record. There are plenty to be attempted.

Not everyone likes the taste of beer.

True Strange News

Why is this galaxy a rectangle?

In the constellation Eridanus is a very strange dwarf galaxy, LEDA 74886, which, for some unknown reason, is rectangular.

Some believe it is the result of two colliding galaxies. A thin disk at the center was confirmed by the Keck telescope in Hawaii to be spinning at 73,819 miles per hour.


True Strange News

Valid Mind Reading Tests

Isolata Demonstratum – A fact, known with certainty to only oneself, which is used to verify that one’s mind has not been read.

I know something about you that you do not know I know: You have tested god, the universe, reality, the matrix, or whatever you are calling it these days, to see if your thoughts are yours and yours alone. Admit it, you’ve done it.

You may be surprised to learn that everyone else has too. It is a universal human trait. Some do it subconsciously, some have no name for these tests, others more self-aware have taken the time to name them things like “myknownlys” or “horks”, but we all have them.

Horks test for time continuity and/or mind readers. If you’ve told no one your current hork, only a time traveler, or real mind reader (God, supernatural beings, alien, or a super advanced technology) besides you could know it. Don’t be fooled, people with digital access and/or people watching or listening covertly may tell me things like passwords or a ritual I did on a secluded beach, but none have as yet broken my own isolata demonstration, things only I know which I haven’t told a soul, little details which I know with an abiding certainty have never gone beyond my own thoughts.

If this universe is some kind of super advanced simulation, horks are part of the built-in security system. If you are one with me, that is, inside my mind; if you know my soul, or if you have come back from the future, I have a way for you to prove it: pass my current test.

Here’s another thing everyone does: eventually, you leak your self-known-only fact somewhere. As soon as you write it down, or whisper it, say it to yourself so your lips move (almost imperceptibly, but measurably by AI and cameras) or confide in any electronic device, no matter how secure, your hork becomes just a guarded secret, like a password, and not an actual hork.

Sometimes it’s a little game we play that we progressively make it more and more known by various means, giving clues, pretending we didn’t reveal it, when we did, because a part of us really does want to make a pure thought connection with someone.

Are you aware of your own private reality checks?

How would your life change if you had proof of someone reading your mind without being connected to, for example, an fMRI machine, which can, by the way, over time, make good guesses about types of thoughts and feelings you are experiencing.

According to a 60 minutes show, (see video below) while there are idiosyncratic mappings, results are close enough from person to person for an fMRI machine to tell what object you are thinking about.

In a test for the show, a woman who had never had a brain scan was shown images while in a brain scanner and was asked to think about each one. After that, the machine replayed the scans and guessed 10 of 10 items correctly.

This is pretty astonishing, but not a controlled experiment. Were they just scanning the pattern produced on the visual cortex of known images they had trained with many subjects?

Time will tell if real thought reading by machines works.

For now, evidence says no one can read your most private thoughts, at least not remotely. Unless this is a simulation, in which case, your thoughts are just part of the system.



True Strange News

Water Used as Invisible Ink

Is that paper really blank? A new technique using special reusable paper makes water an undetectable invisible ink. Researchers in China developed a rewriteable paper coating that can encrypt secret information with relatively low-tech invisible ink — water.

A message printed out by a water-jet printer on a manganese-complex-coated paper is invisible to the naked eye, but the message reveals itself under 254 nm UV light. The paper can be ready for another round of printing after erasing the message by heating it with a blow dryer for 15-30 seconds. The method, presented September 25 in the journal Matter, allows reversible secure printing for at least 30 cycles. The recorded information is invisible under both ambient light and typical UV light. The data will only appear under a photoluminescence lifetime imaging (PLIM) technique, protecting it from general decryption methods. (PhysOrg)

The water-jet printing method is cost efficient ($0.002/print) and environmentally safe, although the short-wavelength UV light used to read the page is still potentially harmful to humans.

What will be the first book published using invisible water printing?


True Strange News