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Video: People with extra body parts

Video removed. When I viewed it, it was work safe and there was not the thumbnail image of a woman holding a sex toy in each hand with the title … Continue reading

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Are quantum computers proof of multiple universes?

Quantum computers may be 100 million times more powerful than today’s computers and they may do that by computing results simultaneously in multiple universes. Really? Google and Nasa announced they … Continue reading

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Wiretap insanity continues

The wiretap debacle is ever more insane. You basically have the government calling itself a liar in an attempted massive laughable coverup to rewrite history and pretend Snowden never leaked … Continue reading

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Video: Jetpack skiing at 75 mph

Jet pack skiing should be in the next James Bond movie, but with smaller jet packs. The real one is a bit bulky. If you’re one of those few people … Continue reading

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Lucky photo

Supposedly not staged. A man making his way home after a long day at work was stunned when he looked up at the opposite side of the platform and saw … Continue reading

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Weird weather: 155mph twister winds and baseball-sized hail stones

You don’t see hail this size every day. Is this a record? It is big, but not the biggest on record. Here’s the winner: The largest recorded hailstone in the … Continue reading

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Dashcam: high winds blow moving semi onto empty police car

Freeways in Wyoming are quite long and the odds of this happening just as it did are extremely low, but highly weird and unlikely things happen every day.  Dashcam video … Continue reading

February 12, 2017 · Leave a comment