Squirrel Stashes 200 Nuts in Woman’s Car

Highly unlikely things happen every day. Here’s a good one: Recently in Pittsburgh a woman was surprised by unexpected walnuts (and grass) on top of her car’s engine. A Pittsburgh woman who detected a burning odor and heard a strange noise while driving her car looked under the hood and discovered a squirrel had stashed grass and more than 200 walnuts on top of her engine. Read more UPI https://youtu.be/nh0589WYkx8 You just never know with life what a day (or a squirrel) will bring. – True Strange News https://truestrange.com Continue reading Squirrel Stashes 200 Nuts in Woman’s Car

Man Awarded $8B for Unexpected Breasts

A man given the drug Risperdal for autism grew unexpected larger breasts as a side effect. Because he was not warned of this possibility a jury awarded Nicholas Murray, 26, a whopping $8 billion from the drug company manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Yes, that’s billion, with a B. US drug firm Johnson & Johnson has been told to pay $8bn (£6.6bn) in punitive damages to a man over claims he was not warned that an anti-psychotic drug could lead to breast growth. A Philadelphia jury made the award to Nicholas Murray, 26, whose case was one of thousands pending in … Continue reading Man Awarded $8B for Unexpected Breasts

How Ancient Greeks Knew the Earth’s Size

The video below is a great strange little lesson in science history and human ingenuity. Having brains that instinctively build models and extrapolate from those models has been one secret of our species’ great success. Carl Segan explains how the ancient Greeks knew the earth was round and also it’s appropriate size thousands of years ago. – Truestrange.com Continue reading How Ancient Greeks Knew the Earth’s Size

NASA Chief Scientist: Public Can’t Handle Life on Mars

There have been some intriguing statements from Jim Green, chief scientist at NASA about discovering life on Mars. Suggestions are, due to radioactivity on the surface, that life on Mars will be found underground. We typically think the first life found on another planet will be microscopic but statements about the public not being able to handle the discovery may hint at one or more macroscopic (large) life forms on the red planet. … if scientists discover there was once life — or there is life — on the Red Planet, will the public be able to handle such an … Continue reading NASA Chief Scientist: Public Can’t Handle Life on Mars

203,000 PG&E Customers Without Power In California

Well, this is strange news. Pacific Gas & Electric has shut off power to many people in California due to high winds to avoid downed power lines sparking forest fires. Outages could last several days. More than 1/2 of all counties in the state are expected to experience outages. Cell phones will operate for a time during outages since cell phone towers have backup batteries and diesel generators, but it is unclear how long each tower will stay up. Stay tuned for more. I’m watching live coverage on Periscope at AgendaFreeTV. Hello Californians, do you have power? The Redding paper … Continue reading 203,000 PG&E Customers Without Power In California

Florida Men Arrested for Forcing Alligator to Drink Beer

Things get weird in Florida, as all followers of the misadventures of Florida Man know. This time it’s some epic stupidity and felony “taking of an alligator” in Palm City, Florida. Newsweek has the details: Two Florida men were arrested after allegedly catching an alligator and encouraging it to bite one of the men’s arms while forcing it to drink beer, according to a report from TCPalm. Authorities say Timothy Kepke, 27, and Noah Osborne, 22, were both arrested Thursday after enacting the scheme in Palm City, Florida. The men were charged with one count each of unlawfully taking an … Continue reading Florida Men Arrested for Forcing Alligator to Drink Beer

Why is this galaxy a rectangle?

In the constellation Eridanus is a very strange dwarf galaxy, LEDA 74886, which, for some unknown reason, is rectangular. Some believe it is the result of two colliding galaxies. A thin disk at the center was confirmed by the Keck telescope in Hawaii to be spinning at 73,819 miles per hour. #oddnews#space#strange#simulationtheory#rectanglegalaxy#mysteriousstuffinspace#spacemysteries – True Strange News Truestrange.com Continue reading Why is this galaxy a rectangle?

Valid Mind Reading Tests

Isolata Demonstratum – A fact, known with certainty to only oneself, which is used to verify that one’s mind has not been read. I know something about you that you do not know I know: You have tested god, the universe, reality, the matrix, or whatever you are calling it these days, to see if your thoughts are yours and yours alone. Admit it, you’ve done it. You may be surprised to learn that everyone else has too. It is a universal human trait. Some do it subconsciously, some have no name for these tests, others more self-aware have taken … Continue reading Valid Mind Reading Tests

Water Used as Invisible Ink

Is that paper really blank? A new technique using special reusable paper makes water an undetectable invisible ink. Researchers in China developed a rewriteable paper coating that can encrypt secret information with relatively low-tech invisible ink — water. A message printed out by a water-jet printer on a manganese-complex-coated paper is invisible to the naked eye, but the message reveals itself under 254 nm UV light. The paper can be ready for another round of printing after erasing the message by heating it with a blow dryer for 15-30 seconds. The method, presented September 25 in the journal Matter, allows … Continue reading Water Used as Invisible Ink