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Strange Golf: Eagle Helps Man Make Hole-in-One

Here’s a strange once-in-a-lifetime experience: If this YouTube video is to be believed, an eagle took an interest in a British Columbia man’s golfball and dropped it into the hole for him before flying away, giving him an unoffical hole-in-one and one amazing true strange story. Can eagles be trained? This could create a whole … Continue reading

3D Printer Could Build A House In A Day

Here’s an older article that is still interesting. Have we started 3D printing houses yet in 2019? It looks like they are still at the phase of seeking investors, but I like this idea. Imagine being able to lease a 3D printer to build your entire house. The technology, called Contour Crafting, is already here … Continue reading

Rainer Schimpf Was Spat Out By a Bryde’s Whale

Most interesting in the strange news today is an event from last month in South Africa: a dive tour operator named Rainer Schimpf was nearly swallowed by a whale. Photos show Schimpf swept head first into a Bryde’s whale’s mouth while the animal was feeding on sardines. Luckly, he was gently ejected undamaged. Here’s a … Continue reading

Videos: Robot Jellyfish: Underwater and Flying

Today’s strange topic is robotic jellyfish. The idea has been around for a while and there are now several different working models. I got interested in them back in 2013 with this article: Swimming with the Robotic Jellyfish Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers have unveiled a life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish the size and weight … Continue reading

DNA transistors pave way for living computers

Have you ever thought about computers made from living cells? Before the Internet (that’s how old I am) I had an idea about self-healing molecular memory. DNA does some of the things needed for this naturally. This is an older article, but still strange and intersting. Two groups of researchers have independently built the first … Continue reading

Roof Moose (Canada)

My pick for the best strange news item today is the Canadian Roof Moose. Surprisingly, this is not such a rare thing. Below are more photos of other Canadian roof moose. The Prince George woman said her husband heard strange noises coming from above while he was parking his car, and he looked above the … Continue reading

$18 Million Car is World’s Most Expensive

This will probably be the strangest thing I see today: an 18 million dollar car. The Bugatti La voiture Noire presented during at the ’89th Geneva International Motor Show’ in Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday, March 5, 2019 is the world’s most expensive car,sold for $18.9 million to an undisclosed buyer. Looks cool, but… What would you … Continue reading

Car Upside Down, Driver Unhurt

Most interesting to me in the strange news today is a 300,000-piece 67 mph lego roller coaster in Florida and an unexpected $500,000 gift to the University of Vermont to study bees. These are interesting stories but the upside down car with the driver unhurt standing by it talking to emergency crews was the strangest … Continue reading

First $1.5 BILLION Lottery Winner. Really?

The strangest thing I saw in the news today is that someone in South Carolina won over a billion dollars in a lottery. Billion with a B. What the heck? Did people really put over 1.5 billion dollars of their own money into playing the lottery so one lucky  person can become instantly uber rich? … Continue reading