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Molasses Flood: a Strange Disaster 100 Years Ago

Today, TrueStrange remembers an unlikely historical tragedy. One hundred years ago today many people and several horses were killed by molasses, a huge fast wave of it, in Boston, MA The Great Molasses Flood, also known as the Boston Molasses Disaster or the Great Boston Molasses Flood, occurred on January 15, 1919, in the North End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. A … Continue reading

Sun to Turn to Crystal

Stars turning into crystals? It sounds absurd and impossible, but it has happened billions of times in our galaxy alone and in about 10 billion years turning into a solid ball of crystal is the expected fate of our own sun. I look into my crystal ball and far in the future I see… a … Continue reading

Mystery: Huge Earth Mound Blocks a Russian River

The cause of meteorite and UFO reports about a month ago that moved a massive amount of rock to block a remote river in Russia remains a mystery. Here’s some video of the blockage, which admittedly doesn’t look like much because there is no “before” image to compare. Some say it was a simple landslide. … Continue reading

A Rare $204,000 Penny

A rare bronze penny sold for $204K recently, below the $1 million+ experts expected. This rare coin is the result of an accident, one of only about 10 to 20 minted in 1943 with copper metal amid US copper shortages that year. The U.S. Mint struck its first 100% copper one-cent coins—then the size of … Continue reading

In Saudi Arabia a Man Must Divorce his Wife by Text Message

There has been a problem of secret divorces in Saudi Arabia, wherein a wife may not even know that she was divorced. Attempting to improve this strange situation, a new rule in that country requires that all women who are divorced by their husbands will be notified via text message. A new regulation in Saudi … Continue reading

1.2B Yrs of Missing Rock and Origins of Life

Around the globe our earth is missing miles of rock from a certain time in geological history and until recently this fact was a complete mystery. Now we have a possible explanation. The earth, for some reason, several times around 720 million years ago and again 580 million years ago became a huge snowball and … Continue reading

Bald Eagle Lands on Football Fan in Texas

Ever go to a football game expecting a bald eagle to land on you? Tuyen Nguyen had this strange thing happen near the end of 2018 in Texas. An American bald eagle flying around a Texas stadium as part of a national anthem stunt must have needed a breather because he suddenly landed on the … Continue reading

(Video) Moose Enters Hospital, Samples Plants, Leaves

The only US state I have not yet visited, Alaska, has some fun strange news today. A moose wandered into a hospital in Anchorage, ate parts of the decorative plants there for about 10 minutes and then left the building. Here’s some video: How unusual is this really? Here’s a moose at the Anchorage hospital … Continue reading

Doorbell Licker Sought

Here it is, the world’s strangest news I read today: A week ago on New Year’s Eve, a man, who appears now to have been identified, is being sought for spending three hours licking a doorbell, not his own. Don’t do drugs. If you thought you’d seen it all, prepare yourself for what’s about to … Continue reading