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A Hamburger Sent into Space Tastes Like…?

The strangest thing I heard about today is people eating hamburgers they sent into space. This first went up the 27th of October, 2012 at 12:22 PM by five Harvard students. “Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space,” landed 130 miles from the launch site. There is some debate as to where “space” actually starts. The … Continue reading

Videos: Playing a record with a paper cone

You might not have thought it possible, but this video shows it is possible to play a record with only a paper cone. The tip has to be pretty sharp, but the paper won’t damage the record, so the video maker claims. If you had the record on a pottery wheel, a pencil, or something … Continue reading

20,000 Petition to Save Flintstone House

An usual house in California is at the center of a zoning controversy. A Flintstones cartoon themed house has been called an eyesore by neighbors, but tens of thousands think it should be allowed to stay. Nearly 20,000 people have signed an online petition in a bid to save a “Flintstone” home at the centre … Continue reading

Are These Ancient Stone Blocks Edible?

This image may look like an unfamiliar rubble pile from an Ancient Aztec pyramid, but it is something much more common. You’ve seen it before. What is this? Answer: a closeup of fine salt as seen by an electron microscope. This and more rarely seen images at an article on MetNews The image (public) above … Continue reading

Why Mole Rats Don’t Get Cancer + Total Cure for Human Cancer (Claim)

How do the only mammals that don’t get cancer pull off this biological trick? Scientists have figured it out and are working to use this knowledge to help fight human cancers. The trick they use is a “suicidal protein, called interferon beta” which quickly kills precancerous cells and their damaged neighbors. … Blind mole rats  … Continue reading

Doppelganger Series + Face Search Engines

I’ve long been interested in doppelgangers. Using modern face search engines, you may be able to find one or more of yours. It makes sense that some people would look alike, with so many of us on the planet. There is also the interesting fact that everyone alive today is a genetic cousin of everyone … Continue reading

Video: Monkeys Ride a Giant Rodent

Isn’t it a nice surprise when you discover a large animal different from all the other’s you’ve ever seen … and it is real? Yes, there really are ROUS’s Rodents of Unusual Size and as you can see in the video below, they don’t mind if a few squirrel monkeys hitch a capybara-back ride. A … Continue reading

First Direct Imaging of DNA Fibers’ Double Helix

Isn’t it strange that you are made up of perhaps 37.2 trillion cells, almost all of which have a copy of your complete DNA? Here is a first direct image of DNA, the physical structure that holds the instructions used to make you. That dark line in the image is stretched out DNA. The double … Continue reading

Soft Robots with Brains of Rubber

The award for the strangest news today goes to … robots with no solid parts. Soft robots are cheaper, lighter, simpler to make, and safer for humans to bump into. We are not talking about padding around a solid frame, but robots made entirely of soft flexible squishy parts. This is possible very soon because … Continue reading