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Are we in the Year 1722 Instead of 2019? No Charlemagne?

The strangest item for today is this: a claim that 297 years of human history were faked to make some historical powerful people more powerful. The phantom time hypothesis says that the years AD 614–911 were invented with document forgeries during a change of calendars. … the entire Carolingian period, including the figure of Charlemagne, … Continue reading

New and Old Acoustic Telescopes

Have you ever heard of an acoustic telescope? Many devices to amplify and focus sound exist and have been tested experimentally over the years. Via telovation.com/photos/ In a recent invention, a sound scope technology was described as being able to “zoom in” as optical telescopes do with light. Researchers at the universities of Sussex and … Continue reading

Strange News Alert: Eiffel Tower Evacuated

Due to someone climbing the Eiffel tower, the iconic tourist attraction has been evacuated. 9:35 AM California time, 5/20/2019. Update 12:37 pm pacific time: Some watching this unfold say he was eventual taken inside the tower. – TrueStrange.com

In Guppies, the Unique Male Wins

Looking a bit different can be a plus if you are looking for love, within certain parameters. At least with guppies, females often choose a mate that stands out from the others. If this applies to humans, might it explain fashion trends? Think about it: First the unique stands out and people see that as … Continue reading

Do You Have the Dog Owner Genes?

I found this surprising. From a study using data from over 35,000 twins, genes appear to influence a person’s choice to have a dog or not. Scientists have studied the heritability of dog ownership using information from 35,035 twin pairs from the Swedish Twin Registry. The new study suggests that genetic variation explains more than … Continue reading

Spice Girls Van Converted to AirBnB

Looking for a fun unusual get away vacation? If you’ve ever enjoyed music by the Spice Girls, you might like this: the hit band’s tour van has been renovated into an AirBnB rental. They say can now book a night in the heart of Wembley Park in London, a place with lots of restaurants, bars … Continue reading

Baboons Invade A Swimming Pool

A family in South Africa thought their neighbors were rudely using their swimming pool without permission, but they discovered the true culprits were baboons. The Marloth Park, Ehlanzeni, homeowner said he and his wife started noticing that when they would come home from work, it appeared someone had been using their pool. Read more UPI … Continue reading

Pixels 1 Million Times Smaller Than Those in Smart Phone Screens

I call them “golixels” (a portmanteau of “gold pixels”) and that’s what they are: a new super small pixel technology using molecules of gold. This invention by Cambridge scientists is the strangest thing I found for today. The green orb thing below that looks like a corporate logo is an illustration of how it works. … Continue reading

Super Rare White Non-Albino Animals

Rumors of an unusual pair of white giraffes, a mother and child, near the Ishaqbini conservation in Kenya were verified as true in August of 2017. The pair’s unique appearance was likely caused by Leucism, a genetic mutation which inhibits melanin and other pigments from being deposited in an animal’s feathers, hair or skin. Leucism … Continue reading

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