$18 Million Car is World’s Most Expensive

This will probably be the strangest thing I see today: an 18 million dollar car. The Bugatti La voiture Noire presented during at the ’89th Geneva International Motor Show’ in Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday, March 5, 2019 is the world’s most expensive car,sold for $18.9 million to an undisclosed buyer. Looks cool, but… What would you do with it if someone gave you this car? I’d drive it once around the block, just to say I did, then sell it and use the proceeds to hold an “Improve the World with $17 million” contest. Give a million dollar prize to the … Continue reading $18 Million Car is World’s Most Expensive

Milky Way: Star Movements Projected Over Millions of Years

This is interesting. Around 11:21 in the video below you can see the projected movement of stars in our galaxy, stars we cannot see with the naked eye. When they “turn time on” we see that some move together, but also they are going at all different rates and in different directions. From available data we know that another star is heading for ours right now. In an estimated 1.2 million years (so the video below says) Gliese 710 is going to fly by our solar system, most likely kicking a bunch of stuff from our Ort cloud into the … Continue reading Milky Way: Star Movements Projected Over Millions of Years

Automated Farms with Robot Farmers

Would you eat food grown by robots? To survive the upcoming climate change apocalypse, we will probably need to grow more and more of our food indoors, possibly even underground. The transtion will not be easy, but it will go better if we start now. Fortunately, industrial robots are just getting good enough to handle masive scale hydroponic farming. If we combine our latest technologies such as desalinization of sea water with nano tech, clean power generation from tidal forces and perhaps geothermal graphene taps (or others that still work in a super volcano disaster, with little sunlight at the … Continue reading Automated Farms with Robot Farmers

Unlimited Pollution Free Energy with Graphene Wires?

It is strange that we still pay others for the energy we need to cook, to stay warm and to power our vehicles. Is a clean solution to our energy problems right under our feet? An amazing property of graphene wire is that it transmits heat quickly, even for miles, ten times better than copper. It is also 200 times stronger than steel and six times lighter. Theoretically, graphene wires sunk miles into the earth could safely bring up geothermic heat for all of our energy needs, pollution free. This video has this pitch and a few more including tidal … Continue reading Unlimited Pollution Free Energy with Graphene Wires?

Perpetual Steam Powered Spacecraft + Are *We* Alien Probes?

By mining water from asteroids and using solar power to create steam for propulsion, an asteroid mining space probe would “never” run out of fuel for exploration. This simple propulsion strategy could be part of a self-repairing self-multiplying army of space exploration drones. Using steam to propel a spacecraft from asteroid to asteroid is now possible, thanks to a collaboration between a private space company and the University of Central Florida. UCF planetary research scientist Phil Metzger worked with Honeybee Robotics of Pasadena, California, which developed the World Is Not Enough spacecraft prototype that extracts water from asteroids or other … Continue reading Perpetual Steam Powered Spacecraft + Are *We* Alien Probes?

(Video) Flying Machines of the Future

A swarm of autonomous drones giving a light show in a building during a TED talk is mesmerizing and amazing to watch. It starts at around 8:18. Highly recommended. Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D’Andrea develops flying machines, and his latest projects are pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight — from a flying wing that can hover and recover from disturbance to an eight-propeller craft that’s ambivalent to orientation … to a swarm of tiny coordinated micro-quadcopters. Prepare to be dazzled by a dreamy, swirling array of flying machines as they dance like fireflies above the TED stage. This “athletic” drone … Continue reading (Video) Flying Machines of the Future

India Dam: Record 8.5+ Million Gallons of Concrete in 24 Hrs

Dam building at an impressively speedy pace won a recent world record in India, specifically for the most concrete poured in 24 hours. When completed in about a year, this project will provide drinking water to 20 million people and will generate 960 megawatts of power. Here’s some video, although the only words I understood were “concrete”, “project”, “non-stop”, “engineer” and “cubic meter”. The Polavaram Project location: [The] Polavaram Project entered into another Guinness Book of World Records on January 7 breaking [the] dubai record. The Navayuga Engineering Company Limited … completed 32,100 cubic metres of concrete work. The company … Continue reading India Dam: Record 8.5+ Million Gallons of Concrete in 24 Hrs

The 50-Mile-Wide Ice Filled Crater on Mars

From Mars: a giant bowl of ice cream for the holidays. It is easy to forget that there is still an ocean of water on Mars because it exists today almost entirely as ice. Recently released by the European Space Agency is a great photo of an ice-filled 50-mile-wide impact crater on the red planet. Scientists believe a layer of cold air keeps the water ice in the Korolev crater from melting year round. It contains 530 cubic miles of water ice, as much as Great Bear Lake in northern Canada, and in the centre of the crater the ice … Continue reading The 50-Mile-Wide Ice Filled Crater on Mars

NASA Image Shows Chico “Camp Fire” Smoke Choking the Bay Area

Update: 11/12/2018: The Camp Fire is now the most destructive in California history, having leveled 6,713 structures, mostly homes, a total of 6,453. If you are in the Bay Area and feel like there is nowhere you can drive right now to escape the smoke, here is evidence from space that you are correct. Indoors, a good HEPA filter over a box fan can clean the air and reduce irritation to your throat and lungs. This is your best bet if you still have electricity. A wet cloth can reduce some smoke, but is not always a great solution. Despite … Continue reading NASA Image Shows Chico “Camp Fire” Smoke Choking the Bay Area