Thanos vs Obadiah Stane

I recently saw the infinity wars movie (enjoyed it!) but couldn’t help wondering through the whole movie if the actor who played Thanos was the same as the one who played Obadiah Stane, a previous Iron Man villain. It was not. Obadiah was played by Jeff Bridges and Thanos by Josh Brolin. Here are the two actors together. Here are the two characters, Obadiah on the left and Thanos right. Anyone else have this thought? Thanos was at times an oddly likable murderous villain. While malevolently misguided, he believes he is on a mission to improve the universe. His method … Continue reading Thanos vs Obadiah Stane

Putin: Russia Has Unstoppable Nuclear Powered Missiles

I’ve been trying to ignore world politics, but this post from March 1, 2018 on NPR is a bit too strange to pass up. Putin says Russia has nuclear powered missiles. The US has nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers, but not aircraft or missiles. The idea seems crazy because aren’t properly shielded reactors much too heavy to get off the ground? And what about accidents? Here are some details of the claim: In his annual state of the nation address on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled a nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed cruise missile that he claimed could fly indefinitely and … Continue reading Putin: Russia Has Unstoppable Nuclear Powered Missiles

Entire Internet: Real-Time Network Overview

Strange but true, did you know there are web sites where you can see the overall status of the worldwide Internet? If you like the big picture, could be useful for monitoring alien invasions, asteriod strikes, solar flare attacks and other large events that cause outages. Another tool for the overview is by Akamai. This one shows where the action is, where most of the Internet traffic is currently going on. This one could be useful for aliens who are invading the Earth and would like to take out our major communications. It is quite interesting to switch back … Continue reading Entire Internet: Real-Time Network Overview

New Solar Water Purification Invented

This sounds like a promising new invention. The new water purification technique involves draping a sheet of carbon-dipped paper in an upside-down “V.” The paper’s bottom edges soak up water, while the carbon coating absorbs solar energy and transforms it into heat for evaporation. … The idea of using energy from the sun to evaporate and purify water is ancient. The Greek philosopher Aristotle reportedly described such a process more than 2,000 years ago. Now, researchers are bringing this technology into the modern age, using it to sanitize water at what they report to be record-breaking rates. By draping black, … Continue reading New Solar Water Purification Invented

Dolphin Self-Awareness Exceeds Ours + Grey Aliens an Intelligent Species of Dolphins?

I’m re-working on a song titled “Save the Humans” that I wrote in High School, a song sung from the perspective of a whale or dolphin deciding that they should save us from our own stupidity. By the end of the song, they can’t even rescue themselves from us … but perhaps they can, in a very surprising way. Unfortunately, the damage done by Fukishima (March 11, 2011) and other human environmental impacts on our world’s oceans may indeed doom the great creatures of the sea. One whale count puts the 2018 population 46.2 percent below 2017 and there was an … Continue reading Dolphin Self-Awareness Exceeds Ours + Grey Aliens an Intelligent Species of Dolphins?

Deciphering The Good Way

My Friday the 13th morning meditation: Judgement is an aspect of discernment. Someone will judge. Someone will dislike any path you choose, any art you make of life, no matter how right it feels, no matter your certainty, no matter how many people do love you and what you do, no matter your vision, your good heart. You will be misunderstood and maligned. Count on it. What does a hater want? Your stuff? Your soul? Your compliance? Your guidance? Your agreement? Your action? Your inaction? Your silence? Is it feasible? Where is inner peace in a world of opposed desires? … Continue reading Deciphering The Good Way

Oumuamua: A Visitor from Beyond our Solar System

What would an object visiting from outside of our solar system look like? Astronomers now have one answer to this question: like a spinning cigar. At first, astronomers thought the rapidly moving faint light was a comet or an asteroid that had originated in our solar system. But based on its orbit, the astronomers realized that the object came from interstellar space. They acted fast, and multiple telescopes focused on the object for three nights to determine what it was before it moved out of sight at 85,700 miles per hour. A messenger from beyond “What we found was a … Continue reading Oumuamua: A Visitor from Beyond our Solar System

Odd Job: Paid Fake Radio Show Caller

I once worked with a guy who told me he sometimes made money as a radio talk show caller. I asked how that worked and he said he was given the basic direction or talking points and then it was his job to call in, get on the air and support whatever position he was paid to support. He was very articulate and creative so I’m sure he did a great job. This was over ten years ago, I believe, but the story stuck with me. I loved talk radio around that time and I had never imagined that there … Continue reading Odd Job: Paid Fake Radio Show Caller

Circulating Claim: Planned Houston “False Flag” Shooting March 4, 2018

Update March 4: There was a fatal shooting at a party in Houston today where someone put on a bullet-proof vest and had party-goers shoot at him. WTH? That’s one seriously messed up party. … Authorities say one guy decided to put on a bulletproof vest while one of the party-goers fired a shot at him. “It is unusual that people would put on bulletproof vest and play with guns at a party, but these things happen sometimes,” HPD Homicide Sgt. Mark Hollbrook said. Police are working to locate the person who shot the victim and another male to determine … Continue reading Circulating Claim: Planned Houston “False Flag” Shooting March 4, 2018