• How to play youtube in background

    How to play youtube in background?

    YouTube has a lot of content that we can enjoy endlessly, and it is great, for example, to learn with the computer or makeup tutorials, watch documentaries or our favorite TV show. But we are not always interested in seeing moving images. Many of us use the platform to listen to our favorite songs in the background. Whether when it…

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  • How to block adults websites in windows 10

    How to block adults websites in windows 10?

    There are many ways to block adult websites in windows 10. One of the easiest ways is to use an extension for your browser. Every day, people’s computers are infected with malware that causes pop-ups and other malicious ads that can lead to sites with explicit or violent content. Using an extension will stop this from happening without much effort.

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  • Why Copper is So Valuable?

    Copper is extremely valuable to human beings. Our bodies are reliant on a small amount of copper to keep our cells healthy, and of course it is also something that we use a lot in many different construction projects – electricals in particular rely on copper components, as well as parts like these Copper Pipe Fittings used in heating…

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  • How to make a chest in minecraft

    How to make a chest in minecraft?

    To protect the body of our character, it is necessary that we use the indicated equipment. Each part of the body has a type of protection. In this case, we are talking about the Chest, one of the most important parts of the armor. If you want to make a chest and do not know how to make a chest…

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  • How to Fix Audio Services Not Responding

    How to Fix Audio Services Not Responding Error in Windows 10

    “Audio service not responding” is one kind of error message display by widows with a sound troubleshooter. This error message display when your pc sound system does not work. This error generally means your audio system is not responsive. It is a very normal error and generally happens when you set up your pc with windows upgrade versions. There are…

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  • How to Fix Right Click Not Working

    How to Fix Right Click Not Working in Windows 10

    Usually, the mouse has one scroll wheel and two buttons. The wheel locates between the two buttons. Before a lot of mice has only two buttons no wheel. But nowadays almost every mouse has a wheel. Since the mouse has two buttons that they perform a different kind of task. So when you working on pc with the help of…

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  • How to Clean Your Mobile Phone correctly

    Mobile phones are not just another phone; they are our lifeline too. We rely on our mobile phones for emergencies and communication with our family and friends. But when you want to know how to clean your mobile phone, you would probably be surprised at the number of gadgets that are available these days. With so many mobile phone brands…

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  • best laptop in 2021

    The top 9 best Laptop in 2021

    Read this article if you wanted to buy the best laptop in 2021. Things get complicating and confusing while buying and when it comes to tech devices (pc, laptop, mobile, etc) it fell the most. There are many types of laptops such as Gaming laptops, Chromebooks, Business laptops, and 2 in 1 convertible laptop, etc. Here are many certain things…

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  • Top Reasons to Start a Mobile Phone Blog

    There are several reasons to start a mobile phone blog, and one of the most important reasons is that you can easily find new customers for your business. This is because mobile phone users want to stay up to date with the latest news, deals, features and more. So, if you start a blog on your mobile phone, you will…

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  • Industrial Technology

    What is Industrial Technology degree?

    Industrial Technology Definition The combination of manufacturing technology and engineering increases the production, production speed, invent an efficient process and easier way for production is called industrial technology. In industrial technology, it is half technology, half business. Industrial Technology helps people to improve the creativity and individual proficiency in technology. An efficient employee is profitable for any company. History of…

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