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Yes, there are Internet connected ovens

The first food related appliance connected to the Internet was a Coke machine in 1982, in Carnegie-Mellon’s Computer Science Department, so it should not be surprising that over 30 years … Continue reading

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NASA ground based long range sensors find lost lunar orbiter

NASA can not only hit the moon with radar and get a reflection, they can now detect a 5 ft cube orbiting the moon using only ground based radar. They … Continue reading

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Former NSA Senior Analyst Blasts Obama and Bush for Enabling Deep State Crisis

A good case could be made that we have a national political crisis today because people previously in power did not care about protecting the 4th Amendment Constitutional right of … Continue reading

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Volunteer to transcribe declassified documents

Here’s an interesting and useful thing to do if you have some time to donate. Transcribe declassified documents for the National Archives. You can learn a lot. In honor of … Continue reading

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Breakthrough: Data stored on a single atom

Have you heard of the element Holmium? In a breakthrough that could revolutionize information storeage researchers at IBM have managed to store data on a single Holmium atom. Holmium is … Continue reading

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In test, AI outperforms doctors for diagnosis 

AI medical diagnosis is interesting. Having observed a big city emergency room, do diagnostic medical robots assume people are answering truthfully?   Robots will soon be able to diagnose patients “more … Continue reading

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Anti-radiation vest may allow space exploration

The company that makes anti-radiation vests has a web site which says full body gamma radiation protection would weigh a quarter ton, so they have a solution that only shields … Continue reading

March 6, 2017 · 1 Comment