Important policies to have on your website

Your business website is the place that you want all your customers and potential clients to go to. This could be to get them to sign up for your regular newsletter, download a lead magnet or to buy products directly. Most websites will have similar functionalities, and there may be some that require a different level of security and functions, such as eCommerce stores. These websites that can be built by a Web Design Essex company needed to have the ability to sell products directly to customers, to take their payments and to ship the items. These functions can make the sites slightly more complex in their design.

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There are a number of policies that you need to have on your website and others that you may want to consider having published these include.

Privacy Policy – This is a must for any website as it details what information you may be holding on your customers and what you will do with this. It also gives information on how the website functions and where key information is stored.

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Cookie Policy – cookies are used on most websites, and it is important that you have your policy available for your customers to read if they wish.

Terms & Conditions – making your terms and conditions visible for your clients makes it easy for them to look at and for you to ensure that they are aware of what their obligations are and how you are going to work with them.

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