Should air source heat pumps be turned off?

Air source heat pumps work by taking outdoor air and extracting energy from it to provide heating and cooling. These pumps have a low-temperature flow, meaning that they shouldn’t be turned on and off frequently. But should you ever turn them off?

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The Bottom Line

The simple answer to whether air source heat pumps Gloucester and elsewhere should ever be turned off completely is no! This is due to the fact that more energy and time will be needed to reinstate a comfortable temperature. A better alternative is to set air source heat pumps from providers such as to a minimum temperature.

These pumps are designed to operate for long periods of time so unless you are going away for a significant period, it is best to keep the unit active. You can learn more about how air source heat pumps work on the Energy Saving Trust website here.

The Cost of Shutting Down

Even if you don’t want heat at a certain time, turning off your pump is not the most cost-effective option. A system that has been inactive for long periods will need to use more energy in order to restore your temperature and this can be expensive.

The cheaper alternative is to keep it running at a low temperature non-stop. This will also save time as it could take your system a couple of days to restore the required temperature in a poorly insulated home. In general, altering the temperature by a couple of degrees at a time is usually the most effective method.

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Pair Up

Pairing your air source heat pump with a smart thermostat can help you to efficiently and cost-effectively regulate temperature. You can schedule on-off times for your heating, which is very helpful if you are planning to be away from home for a while.

Pump systems also usually have seasonal settings to allow for easy usage whatever the weather. The settings can include ‘frost protection’ or a holiday setting, offering convenience and protection from dangers such as frozen pipes.

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