The Benefits of Jobs for Robots – Why it’s not all Doom and Gloom

Since the advance in robot technology, something that has been a major concern is the fact that robots may take over many of the jobs that humans do. In factories for building cars, robots are used to do many of the jobs and as technology advances we see things like self-scan checkouts in the supermarket, posing more questions about what jobs will humans be able to do in the future.

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However, the use of robots to do jobs is not something that has to just be looked at from a negative perspective – there are many jobs that are unpleasant or even dangerous for humans to do, and this is where we should be making the most of the new technology available and using robots to do these jobs.

One of the jobs that is essential but can easily be deadly to a human, is the disposal and handling of nuclear waste. Although nuclear power stations are great in many ways, they do have the downside of producing waste that is not only extremely dangerous to the environment and to living things, but also can take thousands of years to be made safe – so handling and moving this waste is a real challenge.

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Nowadays however, there are places that create robots that are designed exactly for this – places like this Bristol robotics company design robots that can do those dangerous jobs that would be risky for humans to do. So, before we worry about the robots taking our jobs away, remember that some of those jobs would be too dangerous for us to do!

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