The incredible power of the Dam

There is no denying the force that is harnessed when it comes to the flow of water. Fluid Power is by far and away one of the most unstoppable strengths of nature. It can sweep all before it and leave a trail of destruction. However, if it can be controlled, like the units provided by then you have a potentially limitless power source.

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One of the best examples of this is hydroelectric dams. These huge steel and concrete edifices are brilliant examples of how water can be used to power generators and create electricity, and a clean one at that.

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Dams use a technology not that far removed from the principle of the water wheel. The flow of a river would power the wheel so that grain could be milled. For electricity to be generated a turbine must revolve. Traditional fossil fuels were burned to create the steam needed to do it. However, with a dam, the water itself spins the turbine. The amount of water that comes through the dam is dependent on what the sluice gates will allow. If a lot of energy is required then the gates will open full-on and so the turbines can spin at great speed. If not so much is required the units are reduced. Countries with strong flowing rivers like Scotland and Canada use this system of dams to great and continued success.

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