What Can CCTV Be Used For?

The use of CCTV is at its highest, with an estimated 5.2 million cameras in use across Britain. While commonly used for security and surveillance, there are other ways in which CCTV performs a vital job. Here are just some of the ways in which CCTV is used, showing why it is important in many different industries.

Building Security

The presence of CCTV cameras not only deters criminals but can also help get them convicted of crimes if they are caught on camera. According to Circuit Magazine, the potential for crimes to be solved is roughly doubled when CCTV is used.

People Monitoring

CCTV can be useful in monitoring people, such as to ensure that essential rules and regulations are being followed. This is particularly helpful where compliance is an important issue for health and safety, for example on construction sites.

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The use of CCTV can help protect employees and other people from issues that may arise as they do their jobs. For example, in schools it may be used to protect teachers from allegations, as well as protect students from teacher misconduct.

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Staff Training

To help new employees learn, it can be helpful to have them watch CCTV footage of people doing a task in the correct way. This helps new employees understand what is required using real-life examples, and this can help them settle into their new jobs more quickly.

Drain Checking

Did you know that CCTV can be used to find the causes of blocked drains? By sending a camera into a drain, problems such as blockages and breakages can be found quickly.

Whether you need a CCTV drain survey Leicester or Derbyshire, issues with blocked drains need to be promptly fixed, otherwise flooding may occur. More information on these types of services can be found at

Love it or loathe it, CCTV is an essential part of daily operations for businesses, as well as being useful for people to protect their property. As camera technology continues to grow, there are sure to be even wider applications for its use in the future.

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