Why is SEO important

Without an online presence it’s virtually impossible for many companies to be able to exist. With the recent pandemic having a long lasting effect on us all online transactions and marketing have been put into the spotlight. Any company, no matter what size or scale of product and service they offer, needs to be seen and heard online. Digital marketing has meant that now the focus has to be on what can be achieved in the world of the internet and social media. How does a company get itself noticed on the web? The first thing that you do is go to the SEO Services Ireland specialists

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Statistics and analysis are pretty clear. If your name and or website is not on the front page of a Google search engine result then it is very  unlikely that they are going to be visiting your website anytime soon. Google analytics work in such a way that if your website is the most visited or linked to then it rises up the rankings and its chances of making the top page increase greatly. For example, if someone types into the search engine “plumber needed”, or “help with removing a carpet stain,” these will trigger Google to find a match and produce the website that has been visited the most.

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This is where SEO comes in. Articles that are written and published on blogs and news sites will start to boost your website over others. SEO is important as well written articles can start to boost your rating up and get you on the front page. SEO also covers technical aspects that need to be included on your website.

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