Animals that you Might Spot on Your African Safari

If you want to be more adventurous with your holiday this year, and beach holidays just don’t give you what you are after, then escaping to Africa on a safari could be exactly what you are looking for. With stunning accommodation like these Tanzania safari lodges available you don’t have to rough it, but it allows you the opportunity to spend time in a truly wild country and see a host of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Here are some of the creatures that you might be able to see on your adventure…

Gazelle – Graceful and elegant, the gazelle is a really beautiful creature and on top of that can run at very high speeds, as they are a favourite prey of many of the big cats.

Lions – The true kings of the Savannah, these majestic creatures have to be seen in their native habitat. Often seen in family groups, it is the females that do the hunting.

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Giraffes – Once you see a giraffe in the wild you will see the full extent of their impressive height. Able to reach the tops of the trees with their long necks, they stand up to 19 feet in height, and can often be seen feeding in a group.

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Zebras – Unique to the wilds of Africa, these stunning creatures can often be seen in groups making their way across the grasslands. Sometimes they can be seen with other animals like the wildebeest too.

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