Enjoy a Gloucestershire Staycation in a Traditional Campervan

When the Covid Pandemic swept across Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom and eventually the whole World, no-one could have predicted the massive tidal wave of death and destruction it would leave in its path. Families and friends were forced to isolate and definitely No Travelling allowed, it was a lonely, difficult time for many individuals.  Now that the deadly disease is under control with the continued use of a targeted Vaccination programme, aimed particularly at the elderly and vulnerable, families and friends are once again taking the opportunity to get away and enjoy some quality time together.  The idea of a Staycation travelling the glorious Gloucestershire Countryside using a traditional Camper Van Hire Gloucestershire company such as has grown exponentially.

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The ultimate freedom of a holiday experiencing the true beauty of nature around the highways and byways of Gloucestershire and beyond is proving to be a huge hit for many locals and others who live outside of the County. The experienced, reputable, family run company who hire out their traditional Campervans ensure all the essential equipment is provided so that nothing is left to chance.

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Each of their traditional Campervans comes with full comprehensive Insurance, breakdown assistance, a generous mileage allowance, flexible pick-up and returns, single day rates available and a Pet friendly policy.  Hire Hector, Claude or Eric for a trial run of just a day, or try a longer weekend, if you’re confident hire one for two weeks or more, the choice is yours.

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