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Epic Sea Journey for 71-Year-Old in a Barrel

A French septuagenarian has “set sail” in a self-designed 10-foot-by-7-foot barrel, hoping to drift across the Atlantic Ocean driven only by ocean currents. Jean-Jacques Savin is now at sea alone on a three month adventure in his specially designed capsule. Mr. Savin will spend New Year’s and his 72nd birthday adrift in pursuit of his … Continue reading

British Airways Warning: Small Risk of Bullet Fragments (In Food)

We knew it from all those James Bond movies, but here is another reminder that the Brits are a tough lot: Bullet fragments among the wilted kale? Common practice to warn us about that, they say. The business class menu featured a bizarre warning It read: “Even though greatest care has been taken, due to … Continue reading

Video: A Run of Giant Spools on Texas Freeways

How do you tie down your giant spools when you move them around? If you have a good method that doesn’t result in freeway surprises, please share your tip with contractors in the city of Houston, Texas where there have been no less than three recent incidents (Oct 25, Nov 12 and Dec 7 in … Continue reading

First Flight: Heavier Than Air Plane With No Moving Parts

Here is a new surprising and impressive achievement: the first non-secret flight (10 seconds) of a solid state model airplane powered by an ion drive with no moving parts. Researchers from MIT have flown a plane without moving parts for the first time. It is powered by an ‘ion drive’ which uses high powered electrodes … Continue reading

Dubai Police Hoverbike Training Begins

The future we have seen in many science fiction movies is getting closer. The video below shows a motorcycle-sized quad copter successfully carrying an adult rider, hovering and moving a few feet above the ground. If the Scorpion 3 ridable drone by the Russian company “hoversurf” performs well (and especially if criminals start using their … Continue reading

Pumpkin Boat Races

You’ve probably heard of corn mazes around this time of year, but did you know that boat races in giant hollowed out pumpkins are also a thing? There are many videos of giant pumpkin paddle boat races on YouTube if you doubt it. The strangest thing I saw today is that these 500lb + gourds … Continue reading

Rocket Launch Tonight in California (Watch Live)

Not-a-UFO alert: If you were in California tonight around 7:15-7:30 pm watching the sky toward LA and Vandenberg Air Force Base you likely saw a Falcon 9 rocket, with a huge glowing cloud around it. Watch here. My footage with an iPhone, unenhanced, shows that it was indeed not subtle, as Elon Musk foretold. Here … Continue reading

Strange Claim: Viktor Grebennikov’s Anti-Gravity Platform

Here is a fun strange claim from the paranormal folklore: A Russian man with deep interest in bugs discovered that some beetles float instead of flying. Using gravity-defying bug wings he put in a box, Viktor Grebennikov claimed to have made a device that could lift him off of the ground. Here is the only … Continue reading

Monkey Starts a Car, Almost!

Newer cars in some countries now come standard with an automated monkey assisted starter. Not many people have a pet monkey. Not many people have a pet monkey that they would trust with their car keys. Even fewer people have a pet monkey that knows how to start their car using the keys. I found … Continue reading