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Damage that can occur to your roof

It is essential that the roofs above our heads are safe and secure and that they are left watertight to help prevent rain from seeping into the buildings. The design of the roof, the placement of the tiles and the use of Roof sealant like that from CT1 all help a roof to repel water and to be less affected by high winds. When damage occurs to a roof, it can happen in a number of ways.

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Leaks – when tiles move or moss and leaves build up on the surface of the roof, leaks can occur. This can then cause the water to seep into the roof space below your tiles, and it can work its way down into the attic space.

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Holes – these can appear when tiles move or in the gable ends. Whilst you might initially think that this is just an unsightly issue, it can also lead to water entering your roof space and pests and other wildlife such as birds using the holes to make nests inside your home. Once they have found their way in, it can be challenging to get them back out again.

Shrinkage – some roofing materials will shrink over time, and this can lead to holes appearing and leaks occurring. It is important you are aware of any building materials being used that might shrink over time.

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