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Famous Historical Things Made From Marble

The most famous historical things made from marble include the Taj Mahal which is almost entirely made from marble. It is thought that the stunning mausoleum cost a whopping 32 million rupees to construct. The Taj Mahal has become an iconic symbol of love, and it is constructed entirely from marble. The flooring of the monument had geometric designs on it.

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The obelisk in Washington D.C is another example of marble. The Washington Monument was made using three different types of marble. It is one of the most visited landmarks in the U.S and represents the might and unity of the nation. While most people associate these buildings with the past, you can still find examples of these structures and the marble they are made from today. Marble’s popularity has kept it in high demand. If you fancy a touch of marble in your own home, consider Marble Tiles from a site like

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The statue of David is one of Michelangelo’s most famous works. Marble in sculptures is beautiful, powerful and incredibly durable which is why it was chosen for so many Renaissance works of art. This statue is viewed as the most stunning of all and stands 17 feet tall in all its glory.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one that surprisingly contains marble. It was originally constructed of marble, quartz and limestone. You’ll also find marble worth $3 million on the Supreme Court building in the United States.

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