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The hardest substance known to humans

What is the hardest substance known to humans? We use lots of dense materials to build homes, vehicles and other industrial items, but these are not always the hardest. Let’s have a look and see what they are, finishing with the hardest. Cleaning such items can be problematic. There is an easy answer, use a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, like those available from

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  • Steel. Steel is not a natural material. With the use of smelting, we combined iron and other metals to create steel. With it, we’ve been able to build huge structures that can scrape the sky.
  • Teeth enamel. It’s hard to believe, but one of the most hardwearing and enduring substances actually exists with the human body. Your teeth do an enormous amount of work, chewing our food and getting it to a level of mush that we can safely swallow. Teeth have to be hard, but they can’t last forever. With the right care and attention for regular brushing and using fluoride toothpaste, they should last a lifetime.

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  • Diamond. By far, the hardest substance we’ve discovered is that of Diamond. These are rocks and stones that have been subjected to immense pressure and heat but only to the specific levels that create diamonds. The real prize that every diamond miner looks for is what is known as a kimberlite passage. This is a passage that has been created by a volcanic eruption. The combination of the extreme heat from the volcano, lava flow and pressure produces a wealth of diamonds.

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