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The history of Bristol is linked to its buildings

Unlike many other places in the UK, Bristol owes much of its history to its location and the built heritage it has gained. Unlike many other cities and towns in the UK, Bristol does not have a significant early settlement At its heart. There is evidence of some iron hill forts and Roman villas around the city. This has not stopped Bristol from becoming a large, prosperous city in its own right. At one point, it rivalled London as a significant source of income in the country. It produced some of the highest tax revenues at the time.

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This wealth can be seen in many of its private and public buildings. Building Companies Bristol based, like many companies, ensures this grand old city is kept to a very high standard of architectural beauty.

As a port Bristol was able to become extremely rich.  Rather than risk the dangerous  English Channel, ships from the Americas would come to Bristol first and transport their wares overland. It was also the place where many explorers set out to discover more places.

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Victorian architecture is also extremely important to Bristol. Isambard Kingdom Brunel built the Clifton Suspension Bridge just outside the city to great admiration. While the city has new developments, it is well known for its long terrace housing and public meeting places such as the soon-to-be-renamed Colston Hall and docks. It is a fine city to wander around and admire,

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