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Three Ways to Remove a Tree Stump from the Garden

When you have had a tree cut down in the garden, being left with a large stump may seem to be a big problem to resolve. However, there are many ways that you can get rid of it, either by doing it yourself – bear in mind you may need to hire the right equipment for this, which you can get from somewhere like this mini digger hire Nottingham based company – or you can get someone in to sort it out for you.

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Here are some of the most common ways to remove a stump from your garden…

Cutting it out with a chainsaw – If you use a chainsaw to dig around the stump, as low down as possible you can cut it out. Once you have dug all the way around the stump, then you can cut sections across the stump – this can be quite laborious and can damage the chainsaw however!

Stump Grinding – This is a specialist service and is not something that you should try to do yourself. This is a fast and effective way of removing the stump and works well if you have to get it done quickly or you have lots of stumps to remove. However, it is the more expensive option.

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Rotting – The long winded but natural approach is to let the stump rot naturally away. Bury it in compost and just leave it be for a few years and it will eventually be part of the compost. However, this is not an option for those who want the job done quickly!

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