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WordPress Bugs and Problems (Nov 2018)

Strange: A WordPress bug prevents reporting of WordPress bugs. I enjoy WordPress.com as a hosting platform, they optimize TrueStrange.com fairly well, but the current bugs are frustrating. The worst currently is a bug that prevents reporting of any bugs from the WordPress app. I call this the peril sensitive sunglasses 😎 bug. To help raise … Continue reading

Drunk Racoons Held by Police, Released

Police in Milton, West Virginia have reassured the public there that apparently rabid raccoons were in fact merely drunk on fermented crabapples. “We have had calls on suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days,” the Milton Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Turns out they appear to be drunk on crabapples.” The department released … Continue reading

Mysterious Boom Explained: Humvee Lands in Residential Garden

Some booms people hear across the USA remain mysterious but one in Johnsonville, North Carolina has been explained. A military cargo described as being a three ton Humvee vehicle from a parachute drop gone wrong recently fell out of the sky and landed with a boom in someone’s back yard garden. The military came and … Continue reading

Florida: Up to 15 years in Prison for a “Pew pew pew” drawing

Feb 14, 2018 Update: This blog entry was posted Jan 10, over a month before the horrific Feb 14 Parkland Florida high school shooting of 17 students by a former student. Parkland is about 550 miles (over 8 hours) away from where where this school shooting drawing took place and the man who drew a … Continue reading

Australian Heat Wave: Over 200 ‘Boiled’ Bats Fall From the Sky + Heat Wave Cause

Climate change is not going away. This will be a difficult year for some life on earth. Case in point, extreme heat is ‘boiling’ the brains of bats in southern Australia. More than 200 bats have lost their lives to southern Australia’s ongoing heat wave. As temperatures rose to 111.5 degrees Fahrenheit (44.2 degrees Celsius) … Continue reading

US Navy UFO Sighting: “Alien” Object Spotted With Infrared Sensor In Secret Pentagon Program

On a hunt for the most legitimate recent UFO sightings with video evidence, I found this. Remember when Robert Bigelow said on 60 minutes that the evidence aliens are on earth is right under our noses? Bigelow was involved in a $22M secret Pentagon-led UFO program and video recently released apparently shows a superfast high-altitude … Continue reading

RIP Hugh Hefner, Playboy Creator

The man who created Playboy magazine and changed the world in the process has departed, passing away from natural causes at 91. Hugh Hefner, the man whose synthesis of cultural curation, in-depth interviews, and softcore pornography made Playboy one of the most iconic publications of the 20th century, has died. According to The Hollywood Reporter, … Continue reading

Cheap iPhone/iPad stylus, until you get a real one

A proper stylus can save you and your finger from excess cell phone radiation. The trick is, it has to be the right shape and it has to conduct electricity. You may have to experiment with shapes until you get it just right. After trying a bunch of things which did not work like erasers, … Continue reading

Goat born without eyes and with ‘human lips’

It’s a sad comment on humanity that anything different is branded as “evil.” A goat branded “evil” by villagers after it was born with no eyes and ‘human-like lips’ will be hand-reared by a kind hearted farmer. The farmer, known as V Chandra, admitted he was shocked when he saw the newborn animal for the … Continue reading