The Best Strange News Today Is … An Alligator at the Front Door

Browsing the news these days unfortunately results in a mandatory privacy invasion as everything you read or even click on gets added to your personal interests for use by advertisers, marketing advisors, technicians, policy makers and others. (There are a few things you can do like use a VPN,  use Tor Browser, etc. but these only help to a degree.) Every day TrueStrange takes some of this heat for you, sifting through the following sites and more to bring you the most outstanding unexpected events from around the world. HuffPost Weird News, HuffPost Strange News UPI Odd News, Funny News … Continue reading The Best Strange News Today Is … An Alligator at the Front Door

Video: Astounding Illusion with Reconfigured Tiles

Here’s a strange illusion you might enjoy. Do you know how this is done? … this is one of those videos where I have a theory on what’s actually occurring, but am not certain. … It’s straight-up, Harry Potter-style sorcery, right? Right? The mind-blowing video of blocks being reconfigured (with an extra block each time) is entitled “Azulejos” and was posted by magician Norberto Jansenson. See I’ve always had a mild interest in magic. My brother-in-law was a street magician or mentalist. He died in Las Vegas over 10 years ago in 2008 from mixing alcohol and some kind … Continue reading Video: Astounding Illusion with Reconfigured Tiles

Bulls Fight In Road, One Ends Up In Vehicle

This video of two bulls fighting in the road in Bhatinda, Punjab, and one ending up inside a tuk tuk, a type of electric rickshaw, is from while back, but it is just hitting the strange news wires now. The earliest video of it was published on September 2, 2018, but it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen this strange sight.   Nov. 15 (UPI) — A fight between two bulls in the middle of a busy road in India ended with one of the animals crashing into a vehicle and becoming stuck. A video filmed on a busy … Continue reading Bulls Fight In Road, One Ends Up In Vehicle

Videos: Ping Pong Playing Robots

Here are some ping pong playing robots to start your day. There are many that serve balls, but we want a robot that can both serve and volley. Can this little wonder be real? The Ulf Hoffmann table tennis robot, a project of 2 years of development, plays the ball back independently, it’s made of really good servo motors.   Watch the video… The DIY ping pong robot UHTTR-1 made by Ulf Hoffman, works with a camera that senses the ball, and then the software tells the motor where to move the aluminum arm. Several think this is a Computer … Continue reading Videos: Ping Pong Playing Robots

Strangest Cello Music

The guys from 2CELLOS are pretty amazing, and performing heavy metal rock music (in this case, Thunderstruck by AC/DC) with cellos is definitely a bit strange. The thing is, it works, don’t you agree? I prefer the cellos to his voice, but to each his own.   I love the audience reaction at the end. Can’t stop laughing. – Continue reading Strangest Cello Music

Amazing Dancing Jet, Is It Real? Not Exactly.

In this impressive video you can see that the aerodynamic properties of this jet are irrelevant in hover mode. The wings are not being used to create lift. From this, it is clear that one could have any shape for a jet powered flying object. But is this what it seems? No. The caption for this on YouTube is incorrect in its claims: Published on Jul 20, 2016 Russian fighter plane doing a delicate solo dance at ground level. It is even more amazing when one realizes this is a deadly plane capable of supersonic speeds and dropping nuclear bombs … Continue reading Amazing Dancing Jet, Is It Real? Not Exactly.

Which is taller: the tallest man or the tallest camel?

The answer may surprise you. While you decide if any man could be taller than the tallest camel, enjoy this giant creation: The largest member of the family Camelidae is the dromedary or one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius), with a head and body length of 2.3-3.5 m (7 ft 6 in–11 ft 5 in), a tail length of 55 cm (21 in),a shoulder height of 1.8-2.1 m (6 ft–6 ft 10 in) (maximum 2.4 m 7 ft 10 in) and a weight of 450–690 kg (992–1,521 lb). It is native to the Middle East, but survives today as a feral animal … Continue reading Which is taller: the tallest man or the tallest camel?

Real alien on video in car lot?

With so many people carrying video cameras 24/7, this clip is the kind of thing I’d expect to see more of if there were truly aliens among us. Thinking creatively, here’s how I’d hoax this one: film a kid in a suit doing this, then edit and replace his image frame by frame to get a computer generated alien image. Can anyone translate this? How often do you check under the car for aliens? Here’s a bonus clip of some very strange “alien activity,” which most (including me) will assume is computer generated fakery. Who needs a ship, right?? Awesome. … Continue reading Real alien on video in car lot?