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How True Human Super Memory May Work

Six to ten true cases of hyperthymesia have been confirmed worldwide. People with this trait of super memory show surprisingly detailed memory for specific and general events. One example is the case of AJ (revealed to be school administrator Jill Price). [AJ can,] given any date in history, … recall what the weather was like … Continue reading

A Carrot and Leek Pan Pipe

Creative intelligence is putting things together in new ways. The Nan brothers, Weidong and Weiping, in Beijing have perfected the art of making musical instruments from vegetables. Hear a Carrot and Leek Pan Pipe they created, among others, here: – TrueStrange.com  

Goat born without eyes and with ‘human lips’

It’s a sad comment on humanity that anything different is branded as “evil.” A goat branded “evil” by villagers after it was born with no eyes and ‘human-like lips’ will be hand-reared by a kind hearted farmer. The farmer, known as V Chandra, admitted he was shocked when he saw the newborn animal for the … Continue reading

Video on WordPress?

From the iPhone WordPress app, you can upload video just as you would a photo. Here’s a quick video test of me playing my new guitar in the new year, with my new purple fingers. WordPress video upload appears to delete the audio if you use the iPhone WordPress app, but if you view the … Continue reading

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