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Crush Injuries and How you Should Deal with them

The workplace is generally safe in this day and age, but accidents still can happen and there is very little in life that is truly safe. Some workplaces are naturally riskier than others, and although accidents are minimal, when an accident happens it can be very bad.

One of these bad accidents is a crush injury. Of course, this is an injury that is more likely to happen in a place like a building site or a factory, but anywhere that there is a risk of a heavy object falling, there is the risk of a crush injury happening.

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For this reason, having strict health and safety rules as well as making sure that staff have attended a course like this first aid at work Tewkesbury based course by Tidal training direct, so that they know how to deal with these accidents.

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Crush injuries are particularly difficult to deal with, as the first reaction that many people will have is to want to remove the heavy object from the person. However, this can cause even more problems, as if the weight has been on the body for longer than 15 minutes. This is because when the blood flow to a part of the body has been restricted, it can then cause toxins to be released and cause kidney failure, so when this is the case, monitoring the patient and getting paramedics on the scene as soon as possible is the way to go.

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