How best to plan for moving

Moving home is an incredibly exciting time, but it is surrounded with some stressful experiences as you start the planning process. Here are some ideas on how you can minimise your stress levels during this time.

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Planning – once you have a completion day confirmed, sit down and plan out everything you need to get done in that period of time. This might include looking through your items and seeing what can be recycled or thrown away and what is going to move with you as well as thinking about any utilities that you need to take care of such as recording your gas and electric meter readings.

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Companies – make a list of all the companies that you need to contact. This will include the Removal Company Cheltenham way, such as that you are going to work with as well as garden clearance professionals and utility companies to let them know that you are moving property.

Organising – as we have already mentioned it is a good idea to go through all your stuff and identify what you want to take with you. In some cases you might be moving to a smaller place and so will need to think about what furniture you can fit in. If you have items to sell, look online for the best places to do this.

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