How Off-Page SEO can help support your business

Off-page SEO is a technique that is used by SEO Belfast companies like to help your website and its associated pages appear higher up in the search engine results. It works in conjunction with other SEO techniques such as On-page and technical. It is important that these latter two forms of SEO are completed to help with the Off-page SEO that you look at.

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Search engines all have similar algorithms when it comes to deciding what websites to put in what ranking position for key terms. This will be based on the speed at which the website loads, the keywords that are used, whether it is designed for mobile users and of course the content that it contains. The search engines will also look at whether other high ranking sites are pointing back to the original one. This is where off-page SEO works.

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An article will be written for your company that will talk about certain aspects of your products or services. These articles will then be offered to other sites in return for a link being placed in that article that will then point back to your website. It is a bit of an art form, so it is important that you work with professional companies like the ones mentioned above to do this effectively and more importantly correctly.

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