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How Security Seals Enhance Food Safety

The use of security seals to enhance food safety began after a tragic food poisoning outbreak. When undercooked food makes people ill, scandal spreads across the media, politicians, and public health officials work to tighten the nation’s food supply safety standards.

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As laws are drafted in response to these incidents, food manufacturers and retailers had to adjust to more restrictive legislation. As the industry lobby worked to influence legislation, food recalls were becoming more frequent and the public’s awareness of the threat grew. When push came to shove, the government responded with legislation that would drastically overhaul food safety laws, making the nation’s food supply one of the safest in the world.

The revamped Food Safety Act drastically altered the way that food is stored, processed, packaged, and sold. Among other things, the act required mandatory expiration dates on stored foods, and required that manufacturing facilities maintain specific temperatures and water temperatures during production. Although this legislation certainly made the industry accountable for its actions, many remain concerned about how safe their food is. If you run a food business, use a Security Seal to keep your stored goods safe from Acme Seals

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The debate continues, but the safety of our food supply has already been improved by these changes. By taking caution and having the appropriate safety seals in place, people can rest easy knowing that businesses are doing what they can to ensure that their food is both nutritious and safe.


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