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How The Apple CEO Tim Cook made His Fortune

Man will rotten after death otherwise s/he will be changed every second. Some people changed their faith to get success and make themselves a role model to others, Tim Cook one of them. Now he is the CEO of one of the best world tech giant Apple.

What was Tim Cook’s first job at Apple?

He started his journey in Apple as a Senior Vice President in March 1998. After serving several years with success he promoted as Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales and Operation. October 5, 2011, Apple lost its most famous CEO, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was not only the CEO of Apple but also a torchbearer. On August 24, 2011, he promoted to CEO. He filled up the emptiness of Steve Jobs with his talent and experience. From 2011 to now he serving Apple Company as CEO.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

 What is Apple CEO salary?

It is the most common relevant question to them that how much earn Tim Cook, who want to follow him and take him as a role model. Some people believe that making money is the true success but it is a completely wrong idea. Success lies in hard work, work technique and never give up.

Tim Cook Family

He is born on 1 November 1960 in Mobile, Alabama, United State. Now he is 60 years old. His father, Donald Cook and his mother Geraldine Cook. Both of them work hard for their children’s future, Mr Cook worked in a shipyard and Mrs Cook was a medicine seller at a pharmacy. Tim has two brothers Gerald Cook and Michael Cook.

What Did Tim Cook Study?

In 1978 he graduated from Robertsdale High School, bachelor degree in 1982 in industrial engineering from Auburn University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1988.

Food Habit Of Tim Cook

When we see successful people, then we want to know about their daily routine and food habit. Some people believe that food habit is related to success. For this, some people want to follow successful people’s food habits. Tim Cook Food habit is not different from general people. He is not vegan because he likes to eat two egg whites, crispy bacon, cereal without sugar and almond milk at his breakfast.

Is Tim Cook Married?

No, because in 2014 he revealed himself as gay. For a long time, he hides it. He is the first CEO as a gay according to ‘Fortune 500’ magazine.

Is Tim Cook single?

We know a proverb that man can’t live alone. People need a partner to share their good time and want to stay with them when he facing a bad time. But some are exceptional Tim one of them. He likes to sink into work. When people love their work very much and passionate about his profession, then he does not need any accompaniment. Maybe that’s why Tim doesn’t have an affair.

Who Is The Best Friend Of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs is the closest friend of Tim Cook. Cook wanted to provide a part of his liver when Steve Jobs suffer from liver diseases but Jobs denied it.

Favourite Sports of Tim Cook

On the Paul Finebaum Show at ESPN Tim Cook says

I think sports is still a great unifier. It’s the one thing we can all rally around and people put their other interests aside to either fight the other side or hopefully join forces. So sports always comes up. CEO are people too; they love sports too”

He is a supporter of Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. Tour de France is a cycle race held in France and its neighbouring country Belgium. This event occurs for 23 days and covers almost 3,500 kilometres.

Does Tim like Music?

Everyone like the song, when a man sings or listen to music s/he get relief from mental pressure and help people to be more productive. Tim Cook also loves music. He sang a song with Pharrell and James Corden during the Apple event.

Favourite Actors Actresses Of Tim Cook

Unknown but he attended a party with Bollywood celebrities and took many photos with Bollywood actors, actresses, producers and directors among them Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Mukesh Bhatt, Sania Mirza, A R Rahman are notable. 

Does Tim Cook have a pet animal?

Pet animals are favourite things for humans. Dogs, cats, fish, rats are the most common pets but the dog is incomparable among them. Tim likes dogs. He tweeted several times about dog and he was seen fondling dog a few times.

Where does Tim Cook live?

House is the most comfortable place for everyone. People want a sound place where they can spend time with their family members. For this, People want to be in the house of their choice. Tim Cook house is 2,400 square foot it is located in Palo Alto, California. It has a tiny yard with four bedrooms.

Tim Cook Origin

We see some successful people that their origin does not belong to the place, he or his father or grandfather migrate here. Tim Cook family tree is unknown so it is not sure what is his origin. Mobile, Alabama where he was born.

Does Tim Cook have an Instagram?

Tim Cook Social Media

Nowadays, a social account is important if one wants to easily connect with more people and stay connected. It helps one to further update what is happening with your friends, family members, and other relatives. Tim has an Instagram account but he is more active on his Twitter account then on Instagram. He shared a lot of information about new technology and himself by tweeting.

Why Do People Follow Successful People?

We work hard to be successful in our lives but sometimes we fail because of our methods or we lose hope from work. With good planning, we can succeed. So, we should follow those who are succeeding in their workplace. Tim Cook one of them who can be our ideal.

Tim Cook doesn’t waste his time. He is very punctual and industrious. However he woke up in the early morning at 3.45 am and check mails, the checking mail numbers are about 700-800. He is aware of his fitness when he suffered from some misdiagnosed for this, he goes to the gym. He makes a plan of what he will do for the whole day. 



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