How to Clean Bike Chain Like a Pro

Keeping your bike chain clean and lube is one of the best ways to extend the life of your bike and keep your bike shifting smoothly, even better.

It’s an easy task you can do from home in between your regular tune-ups. Onto de-greasing keep in mind, it’s a dirty job and someone has to do it. So leave your dress clothes in the closet.

Use Degreaser

Although there are a lot of products out there. You’ll want to use a bike-specific degreaser because they are formulated for bike components and some general degreasers could weaken or even damage your chain.

There are several degrees you can choose from including biodegradable options. Today, we’ll be using the new lube from Bontrager a quick and easy way to decrease the chain is to use a designated chain cleaner tool, which can be found at your local bike shop.

However, it’s also important to know how to clean a bike chain properly.

Simply fill the reservoir with a degreaser wrap the tool around the chain, according to the directions, this will place the chain through the brushes and backpedal.

The brushes will get into the nooks and crannies of the chain where dirt likes to hang out and then it’ll collect and use a degreaser to making the whole process easier and cleaner.

You can still clean your chain without a special tool. You can instead use a brush, even a toothbrush or a nail brush will work, add some degreaser to the brush and hold it to the chain as you backpedal.

Making sure you hit both the bottom and the top of the chain brush. Only the section of the chain at the bottom of the drive train brushing.

The top will only make a bigger mess, not to mention dropping use degreaser on your frame and newly clean chain.

Your chain may look clean now, but you’ll still want to rub it down with soapy water and a rinse. This will make sure all of the degreasers have been cleaned off. So, the fresh loop will fully stick to the chain.


When it comes to lubing, your chain you’ll want to choose a loop that matches your conditions. If the terrain you ride is wet and muddy, use a wet loop.

What lubes are more waterproof and last longer, but they will attract dust and dirt and dryer conditions. If you’re riding in drier conditions, use a dry loop instead.

You’ll need to replace a dry loop more often, but it’ll make her chainless of a dirt magnet though. We’re showing you this process on a road bike.

This rule of thumb holds for any type of bike when moving your chain, you’ll really want to get the loop into the rollers. Getting loose on the outside of the chain will only pick up dirt on your ride.

You’ll have to decrease and lube again, that much sooner place, a small drop of lube, right on top of each roller, then wipe off any excess and with that, you’re ready to ride.

Now, how often should you clean and lube? Your chain is debatable and it mostly depends on how often you ride and what conditions you’re riding in.


If you ride regularly, you should clean and lube your chain at least once a month. You may need to do this more often if you’re riding in dirty or wet conditions or if you’re riding off-road and of course.

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