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How to Clean Your Bronze Sculpture

Cleaning of bronze sculptures is a very important issue. If you have a sculpture that has not been properly protected, it will react to the air around it and will age much faster than if it had been properly protected. The best way to clean the item is to use a mild soap and warm water to gently clean it. Do not use any harsh chemicals as they can cause damage to the metal.

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When cleaning your Bronze Animal Sculpture, that you purchased from Gill Parker, do not forget the dust, as it is the unwanted material that is left on the surface after you have cleaned it. It is very important that you never rub the piece or apply any liquid as it can scratch the surface of the bronze. Before you apply any kind of liquid, always read the label and follow the directions. Do not leave any type of spray residue, as this may damage the surface over time.

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Once you have cleaned your bronze sculpture, let it dry completely before you store it in a container. You should protect the container from sunlight as the sunlight can cause the bronze to fade. Once you are done with all of this, your bronze sculpture will last for many years and you can enjoy it on it’s own or display it with other items.

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