How to Effectively Measure Fleet Performance

The way we manage fleets has changed dramatically over the last few years and one of the most important ways in which this has impacted is how we assess fleet performance. This has resulted in a lot of different methods of assessing fleet performance being introduced all across the fleet management industry, with each being subjected to differing levels of success with the data they present. Although it is impossible to provide a blanket rule for managers to use across all their organisations, there are several key areas that managers can look at when considering how to effectively measure fleet performance. These areas of consideration are the following: the ability of vehicles to respond to and meet challenges, their efficiency and their safety.

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A popular way in which to evaluate fleet performance is through the collection of data related to the fuel consumption of the fleet. It is not uncommon for fleet managers to examine the fuel consumption of a vehicle when it is used for short distances on particular days and during certain periods of the day. As well as examining fuel consumption levels, these examinations also indicate the average speed of the vehicle and other key operational elements of the vehicle. As well as the fuel consumption, a large portion of fleet performance data is collected in relation to the effect that the vehicle has on emissions. Measuring fleet effectiveness in this way allows managers to establish what impact an increase in fuel consumption would have on fleet efficiency and the environmental impact of the operation of the fleet. To make savings with BP Fuel Cards, visit Fuel Card Services

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One of the most common ways in which efficiency is measured is by the efficiency of the drivers in completing journeys. A good example of this is in providing drivers with a clear and concise explanation of what to do as they drive, so that they can maximise their efficiency and reduce the risk of any mistakes or accidents occurring.

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