How to fix a clogged shower drain?

Don’t worry: slow or blocked shower drain is one of our operators’ most frequent problems to solve. The causes are well known: hair deposits along the ducts, sediments such as limescale and foam from soaps and shampoos. This is why shower drain pipes tend to clog up quite easily. Here, we will tell you how to fix a clogged shower drain?

The water will first begin to drain more slowly until the drain is completely blocked if the pipes are not cleaned in the meantime. Keep reading: Diy concrete pool

How to fix a clogged shower drain

How to fix a clogged shower drain?

The most important thing we can recommend is to prevent hair from going down the drain. If the drain is not already equipped with its filter, several are on the market, including very cheap and nice ones, to be applied. In this way, you can prevent the blockage of the drain due to the hair.

As for other causes such as limestone, unfortunately, there is not much prevention that can be done: limestone essentially depends on the hardness of the water and is deposited along the pipes. Over time, the only effective way to remove it is the use of the canal jet.

Some sites that propose using natural products propose vinegar mixed with bicarbonate, even if the boiling that these two elements produce once mixed could be harmful to the pipes, especially the older ones.

Unclog a shower drain without tools

You might be surprised but it is very simple.

This process will require the following:

1) Liquid Drano (or any other similar product). You can get this at any hardware or grocery store. You’ll use 1/3 of a cup if you have a regular sized shower drain and one cup if you have a large shower drain.

2) A bucket or two. You will need one for the Drano and another to catch the water drains from your shower head.

3) Something to pour the drained liquid into since you don’t want to get it anywhere near your sink (or mix it with your regular drain cleaners).

In addition to the above things, you will also need a weight. You can use any object that is heavy and will fit inside of your shower head (A rock from your garden, an old glass bowl, etc.)

Unclog a shower drain with standing water

I have out-of-control ivy in my yard and I’m afraid that it is growing into my vent pipes. The drain on the bottom of the shower has been clogged for a while, but this week the standing water increased drastically. Could it be due to the roots? If so, how can I unclog it? The water has been sitting for about a week and it smells terrible.

I am having the same problem with the drain in my tub. I have a bathroom window that was broken out by the wind…we never bothered to fix it because we are renting this house. Now there is a tree root growing into the drain and clogging it.

We have tried pouring boiling water down the drain and using Drano…it still is not draining properly.

How is it resolved?

Do-it-yourself can be a solution, but only temporary in mild cases of clogging. After that, only intervention with canal-jet can be decisive even in the long term. The intervention of a specialized purging company is obvious. It cannot be as cheap as a bottle of white vinegar.

The machinery used is specifically designed to remove 100% of any deposit inside the pipes. These use the ‘ high water pressure. No chemistry is used. The system is completely ecological! Thanks to the pressure exerted by the water jet and the nozzle, which, moving along the pipe, removes limescale and any type of residue, the final effect is only one: 100% guaranteed resolution of the problem.

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