How to Fix Audio Services Not Responding Error in Windows 10

“Audio service not responding” is one kind of error message display by widows with a sound troubleshooter. This error message display when your pc sound system does not work. This error generally means your audio system is not responsive.

It is a very normal error and generally happens when you set up your pc with windows upgrade versions. There are some procedures that can ensure that your audio system error will be fixed. If this procedure does not work then you have to go to a specialist.

Restating Audio Services

Resorting is an extensive and complex procedure. So before resort, we can take a step by restarting the audio service. At the same your sound drivers and hardware, audio service which maintains the audio on pc. Restart can reboot its configuration settings and fix the problem. “Restarting Audio Service” follow the procedure bellow

Step 1: Click Windows + R, then type “Services.msc”, after type this then tap on “Enter”.

Step 2: A list display on the monitor and scroll down until “Windows Audio” is seen.

Step 3: Right-click on the “Windows Audio” and select the “Restart”

Step 4: Right-tap the entry and again tap  “Properties”. For Startup set write as “Automatic”.

Step 5: Click on “Apply” to save the change and quit.

Step 6: Back to Service & find “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder”.

Step 7: Right-click & click “Restart”.

Step 8: if it does not start still, then press on “Start”

Step 9: The process is started, after that it displays the properties & click on the startup write “Automatic”

Step 10: Click on Apply to save changes and quit or exit

Step 11: After completing all procedures above then restart your pc.

Checking Audio Ingredient

If the first solution does not work. Then you are disappointed. You set your mind to go a professional technician. Wait there is more solution for you before going to spend your money on a technician. If you take a service from any antivirus then just block your antivirus temporally.

Step 1: Click on Windows + R, write “services.msc” after that press the “Enter”

Step 2: A list will be displayed on your screen, confirm that all services continue state. If one or more are not in a running state then click on which is not running state and tap on “Start” and do it for others app which is not in running state.

Step 3: Now confirm all services which are displayed on the screen set to start and “Automatic”

Step 4: Restart the PC and after that check the audio.

Installing Build-In Sound Drivers

Windows always update their services. Sometimes audio does not work for a driver not found or not working. For this, we have to install the driver on the system again

Step 1: Click Windows + S, this operation display a search menu on the start bar. Enter “system” into the box and chose 1st option.

Step 2: Then press  “Advanced system settings” which is stay on the left of the display

Step 3: Now press on “Hardware”

Step 4: After clicking on Hardware, then you see “Device Installation Settings” and click on it.

Step 5: Now you see two options one “Yes” and another is “No”

Step 6: Click on the “No” (if this procedure does not work then go back to the Yes option)

Step 7: Click Windows + X, which display a start menu

Step 8: Now press on “Device Manager” option which is display on the pc screen

Step 9: Press the Right button on the sound device & press “Uninstall Device”

Step 10: Press on “Uninstall Driver Checkbox”

Step 11: After uninstalling the device, then right-click in an empty place in the device manager which is automatically installed, default drivers.

Step 12: Restart your computer

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