How to have an affordable destination wedding

A destination wedding is an emerging trend nowadays. It defines such a type of wedding which is destined far away from home. A destination wedding is preferable mainly Rich people. But it will just be a myth if you know the hacks of doing it in your minimum budget. In this writing, you will get to know the overall plan for an affordable destination wedding, cheap wedding venues, beautiful and unique
wedding dress and different types of destination weddings.

Destination wedding now represents around 25 percent of the wedding which was only 5% in the previous year. So, if you are fond of travelers or an adventurous person you definitely can go for it to make this day the Best Day Ever in your affordable budget. A survey by a wedding website, it has shown that the average cost for a destination wedding is around $27000. But, just by implementing some ideas and plans, you can cut down the cost by around only $10000! So, it is obvious to know the plan for making an affordable destination wedding.


Plans For An Affordable Destination Wedding

It is necessary to have a mindset for making this destination wedding as minimum as possible. For this the necessary steps are given below:

  • Setting up the budget
  • Choosing the destination wisely
  • Keeping the guest list small
  • Driving instead of flying
  • Choosing payment methods
  • Choosing an off-season date
  • Lodging options for a guest instead of a luxury hotel
  • Choosing vendors

Setting Up The Budget for an Affordable Destination Wedding

For setting up the budget you must know about the cost you might encounter in the case of a destination wedding. Destination wedding cost includes transportation costs for themselves and guests since they might not have their own cars, accommodation costs for all the guests, and destination fair of course. Some might bear other entertainment costs like hiking, fishing, scuba or horse driving or renting a guide for sightseeing. A survey by a wedding website has shown that the average cost for a destination wedding is around $27000. But it can cut down by half if you set up your budget tactfully.

Choosing the destination wisely

The best decision is to choose your destination close to your residence. It helps to cut down the transportation cost. Around the world, Martinique, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Tulum, Curacao, Puerto Vallarta, Dominica, Cozumel are considered as cheap destination wedding place. Now, it is your call what place will be suitable so that your guests can reach theirs easily.

Best places for destination weddings in the U.S.A, READ MORE

Keeping the guest list small

Affordable destination wedding

For an affordable destination wedding, keeping a smaller guest list is the best answer. The couple must mutually decide to whom they are going to invite. The lower the guest list is, the minimum cost will be ensured. If you consider he or she will get hurt and invite all you know then your budget may be surpassed. On the other hand, inviting everyone to ask for attending might come up with a huge cost. If they all decide to attend, then it can inflate your budget. So, it is wise to make the guest list small from the beginning.
Driving instead of flying Here, as mentioned above there is another advantage of choosing the destination as close to your residence as possible is that you can cut down your transportation cost. If you see that, you can reach the spot by car or bus then it is better to go on driving instead of flying.

Choosing payment methods

As you look for cut-saving tips, choosing the payment method should not be overlooked. In advance, you can open a rewards credit card. It allows you to earn points on booking air tickets or hotel booking or other payments done by that card. Additionally, it also helps you to earn cash-back offers. You can also use some travel cards so that, it may offer additional money-saving packages. Some cards may come
up with a complimentary package offer.

Choosing an off-season date

Wherever, your destination is, choosing your destination in the pick hour will definitely cost you higher than the normal rate. So, you have to choose your date according to when your destination offseason falls. But it is enjoyable to make your plan either on snow season or rainy season.

Lodging Options For Guest instead Of Luxury Hotel

You have to be at ease with the cost of your guest’s cost to keep the budget on track. Providing many rooms in a luxury resort or hotel will cost much higher and your budget will be boomed. So it is wise to book your hotel at least a month ago. But before that, try to contact as many hotels as possible around your destination to check out which hotel is giving you maximum offers and facilities. In addition, make sure you have hotels at every price point surrounding your destination. You have to be flexible about these factors to cut down cost.

Choosing Vendors

Choosing local vendors can be a cost-saving idea if you have to pay for the transportation cost of your florist, make-up artist, or hair. If their including cost come up with a package then you can select them as you may pour more faith over the vendor from your hometown. Additionally, you can select a vendor with the help of your social media. Pinterest and Instagram can help you a lot in choosing vendors
around your location. Furthermore, you can ask family or friends or past brides. In addition, you can also ask for any vendor you know personally.

Wedding Dress For Reasonable Destination wedding

How can you ignore the importance of a beautiful wedding dress when you plan for a destination wedding! Well, for a perfect snap to look amazingly gorgeous on your big day you have to select a wedding dress carefully according to the place of your destination. There are many categories of wedding dresses are available for destination weddings. As an example, you can go for Red wedding dress, Medieval wedding dress, camo wedding dress.

Medieval Wedding Dress

medival wedding dress

For any beach distance wedding, for bridegroom midi length or asymmetrical silhouette which can be made of cotton, chiffon or lace can be selected. The white medieval wedding dress looks extremely classy and gorgeous for a seaside destination wedding. You can also customize your beautiful medieval wedding dress on the different websites according to your choice.

Camo Wedding Dress

Camo wedding dress


Who doesn’t want to look beautiful at their wedding! But it doesn’t necessarily like you have to bend with the trend. You have to come up with a completely different idea and want to be talked among your friends by showing your trendy fashion sense then you can go for it. First, it’s important to decide what type of color you will select in the case of a Camo Wedding Dress. There are many variants in Camo types like Army Camo, Realtree Camo, Predator Camo, Pink Camo, Digital Camo, Desert Camo, Woodland Camo, Urban Camo, etc. You can select any one of them according to your taste from a website and bring about any changes to it.


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