How to look after your back whilst working in a warehouse

Working in a warehouse can be very labour intensive and this can start to cause problems with your back if you don’t take the necessary precautions during the day. These can range from quick things you can do to help protect your back, through to equipment for you to use. Here is a quick look at how to look after your back whilst working in a warehouse.

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Stretching – before you start any manual work you should stretch your back, neck, arms and legs. This only needs to be a gentle stretch and be particularly mindful of your neck area when doing this. By gently warming up these muscles you can help to prevent muscle strains as a result of cold muscles, from occurring.

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Equipment – when moving large items consider placing them onto pallets and then using equipment from a Pallet Trucks Ireland company such a This will help you to protect your back and prevent injuries from occurring as a result of lifting items that are too heavy.

Breaks – if you are working long hours in a labour intensive job you should make sure that you take regular breaks from the manual work. This will help you to avoid any overdoing it and causing long term problems with your muscles and your back in particular.

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