How to make a chest in minecraft?

To protect the body of our character, it is necessary that we use the indicated equipment. Each part of the body has a type of protection. In this case, we are talking about the Chest, one of the most important parts of the armor. If you want to make a chest and do not know how to make a chest in Minecraft? In this installment, we will explain how you can get hold of it and its variants. Let’s go for it!

How to make a chest in Minecraft?

The Chestpiece is a part that makes up the armor. It serves to protect the abdominal area in which vital organs such as the heart are located. This article could not be missing from our favorite title, Minecraft; For this reason, being part of our protection team, it is necessary that we have a few in our inventory and know the variants and the differences that these have in their durability. Read more: How it feels to chew 5 gum

How to make a chest in minecraft

Crafting a Chest in Minecraft

Taking into account the difficulty we have in survival mode regarding the collection of materials, it may take a while to have a decent bib, but it does not mean that the first one we go to do will not do us any good. On the contrary, it will help us to protect ourselves while we collect the other materials.

To start with our Bibs, we will make a leather one. Leather is a very common material in Minecraft. We can get it from cows, horses and donkeys. We just have to kill them and we will have the opportunity to obtain from 0 to 2 units of leather in the case of donkeys and horses and from 0 to 1 in the case of cows.

The final step to make a Chest in Minecraft

We have obtained the Leather Chestpiece. Now to go up a step as far as the Chests are concerned, we will create an Iron Chest. To make it, we will need iron ingots, which in turn we get from iron ores. To find them, we will be located in layers 67 or lower, with a stone peak or one of greater durability. Once we have obtained the ores, we will take them to the smelting furnace, where we will convert them into ingots. Then we just have to place them on the work table where we will do the same procedure as with the leather.

To get the Gold and Diamond Chests, you have to follow the same steps as with the iron chest, dig and find the aforementioned minerals, take them to the oven (only in the case of gold) and then to the work table.

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