How to Refresh Your Wardrobe With Basic Garments

Trends come and go, but some garments are ageless and have long stood the test of time. Such things as the white button-up shirt, denim jeans, and wool sweater can surely be found in any man’s wardrobe yet even these classic items can look even better if you choose a more unique fit and design. Here is how you can completely refresh your wardrobe by elevating your basics.

Silk Ties

No gentleman’s wardrobe is complete without a tie, and if you want to truly look more distinctive when wearing a black-tie outfit, swap the classic cotton tie for a silk one. Silk is a priori a much more luxurious fabric, which allows you to make a subtle, but powerful statement in a room full of men who are all dressed the same. Choose a dark silk tie with a minimalist design like a Celtic tie featuring shamrocks: it will attract attention without being too extravagant and will also bring you a bit of the renowned luck of the Irish. Hop on to find a selection of 100% silk Celtic ties that will become your favorite accessory in no time.


The second knit must-have on our list are wool cardigans, a refined addition to any man’s wardrobe regardless of his occupation or lifestyle. The perfect combination between comfort and sophistication, knit cardigans are versatile and practical, making a great layer for winter outfits and a fancy alternative to jackets on warmer spring days. Just like the Aran sweaters, cardigans have a luxurious touch thanks to the super fine wool that they are made of and can be worn in various ways, be it buttoned up over a turtleneck or wide open with a thin t-shirt underneath.

Aran sweaters

The good ol’ cable-knit sweater is a must in any man’s closet and you most likely already own one or two. However, next time you plan on getting another jumper, opt for an Aran sweater instead of a basic wool one. These garments have a completely unique design featuring traditional Aran patterns and stitches which makes it stand out in comparison to the boring plain sweaters, so even the most casual outfit can become a chic ensemble. Additionally, Aran sweaters are made of merino wool, which is known to be super soft, lightweight, and insulating, thus you will stay warm and cozy no matter the weather.


In a world full of Nike shoes and ugly sneakers, a gentleman can be easily recognizable by his loafers. These elegant and lightweight shoes are the definition of casual sophistication and can easily become an alternative to any pair of footwear you own. Combine them with denim shorts, cotton shirts, blazers, suits, or other garments to add some class to your outfits. If you’re looking for a classic option that can be worn almost all year round, black is obviously the go-to color, but we suggest getting a pair of brown or cream loafers for summertime as well.

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