How to teleport in Minecraft

Sometimes you may need to travel to a specific location within the Minecraft map or meet another user within the game by teleporting. In this article, we will explain how to teleport in Minecraft quickly and easily with this detailed guide.

How to teleport in Minecraft?

To use the teleport commands within the Minecraft game, it is necessary to make some configurations when creating the game. In addition, it is recommended to have a notepad to save the coordinates and the different Tp commands. Here are the steps on how to perform this trick:

  1. Enter Minecraft and create a new world. The option that says “Allow cheats” must be activated so that the use of commands is enabled.
  2. Save the coordinates of the locations you want to Tp to later. To observe them press “Alt + Fn + F3”.
  3. Open the game console by pressing the “T” on the computer keyboard. The chat icon on mobiles and consoles is different.
  4. Enter the Tp command that corresponds or is required at that moment and press enter to execute.
  5. If the process is successful, a confirmation message will appear and the character or entity will be teleported to the indicated location.

How to allow cheats in Minecraft?

It is necessary that the use of traps be enabled in order to use all the commands available in Minecraft, including teleportation. This is done from the main menu of the game, right when setting up and creating a new world.

In the Java edition, “Commands: Yes” should be checked.
In the Bedrock version, you must activate the option “Cheats.”
It is important to know that when playing on a multiplayer server, the only ones who can use commands are the administrators. In addition, only the owners can give rights to another player. For this, the command “/op + el nickname” must be used. Otherwise, if you want to remove the permissions, use “/deop + nickname.”

How to see the coordinates

To see the location of the character in the world of Minecraft, the option to use varies depending on the team and the version of the game :

Java or Bedrock Edition for PC: You can use the key combinations “Fn + F3”, “Alt + Fn + F3” or just “F3”.
Pocket edition and consoles: the option must be activated from the game configuration when the world is being created. In the “World Options” menu, enable “Show Coordinates.”

These are the methods that are used to open the information panel where the coordinates are located on the PC and the section is: “XYZ.” On mobiles, it will be easier to find the information, since it will be available all the time, as long as it has been enabled.

How to open a text console?

Commands must be entered into the console or in-game chat, but the method of opening this window may vary depending on the version of Minecraft being played:

Java and EducatIon editions on PC: to use the chat from the computer, just press “T” on the keyboard.
Consoles – In this version of the game, the right side of the D-Pad must be used on PS and Xbox. On the Nintendo Switch, the “Right Arrow” button on the controller is used.

How to use the TP command?

The Tp command can be written in many ways, each of which has a specific function, such as transporting the user to a partner’s location or vice versa. Here are some commands to teleport.

Teleport a player or object to a location

During the game, some companions may die and respawn far away from where everyone else is, get lost exploring, or just want to send something to a specific location. For this, it will be necessary to use the /tp command in the following way:

Relative location: Using “ /tp + player or object name + ~XX ~XX ~XX ”. The symbol “~” must be used so that it is relative to the position and not to those exact coordinates. The “XX” should be changed to numbers.

Exact location: with the command “/tp + name of the player or object + coordinates.”

This command is also used to transport the same user to a specific or relative position. Simply change the “player name” section to your own nickname in any of the commands.

Teleport to a player’s position

If another player is very far away and someone else wants to go to the same location to help him or to visit him quickly, there is a specific Tp command for this case. This is the one for teleportation to the position of another player and is written as follows: “/tp + own Nickname + name of the other player.” It is important that the names are spelled correctly and are identical to how they appear in the game.

Other Tp commands

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are other commands to perform teleportation within the world of Minecraft, which are:

Transport the closest player to you : “/tp + @p + @s”.
Transport entities to you : “/tp + @e + player name”.
Transport players to your position : “/tp @a + @s”.
Transport specific entities : “/tp + @e [type = entity name] + @player name”.
Teleport to the Nether at the same coordinates: “run in Minecraft: the_nether run teleport ~ ~ ~.” For the Java Edition only.
Teleport up : “/tp + @s + ~ ~ 100 ~”.
Teleport down : “/tp + @s + ~ ~ -100 ~”.
A simple method to understand how the Tp command works is to consider that, when read, it can be interpreted as “teleport + object/player/entity + location.”

This is all that is required to teleport in Minecraft with the Tp command and in any version of the game. It can be tricky to memorize all the possible commands and coordinates, so it’s a good idea to have a notepad or notepad handy to write it all down.

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