How to tell if supreme headband is fake?

If you’re looking to purchase a Supreme headband, it’s important that you know what to look for. Counterfeit Supreme headbands are very common, so knowing how to spot a fake can help save you from getting ripped off. We’ll show you how to tell if a Supreme headband is real by looking at the color; tag and logo.

How to tell if supreme headband is fake?

If you’re a supreme headband lover, then you must know that there are many fake products in the market. Thus, you need to know how to tell if a supreme headband is fake or not.

  • Color: The color of a genuine product will be darker than that of a fake one. All of the colors used in the real product are bright and clear while those on the fakes are dull and pale.
  • Tag: A tag is an important part of any supreme headband because it contains important information about authentic products like its size, weight, and material type among other things. One can tell if this tag on their product is original by comparing it with their own clothes tags which should also be made from cotton materials with similar colors as those found on both sides; these tags should also have visible serial numbers printed at both ends so as not to confuse consumers into thinking that theirs might be legitimate ones too!

How to tell if supreme headband is fake

Supreme headbands are often counterfeited

Supreme headbands are often counterfeited. There are many websites that sell fake supreme headbands, so if you see a site selling what looks like a real supreme headband for cheap prices, it’s likely to be a fake.

If you have any doubt about whether or not your supreme headband is real, check the color of the tag and logo printed on it. The Supreme tag should be white with red and blue text (although some supreme tags are yellow). If your tag is another color like green or black then that’s an indication that it’s fake. Also look at how bold the print on your tag is: authentic tags will have dark print whereas fakes tend to have faded out lettering.

There is no small lettering on the headbands

Small lettering is a sign of a fake headband. A real supreme headband has no small lettering on it. The font on the tag should be the same as the font on the tag and should be small and thin.

The two main colors of supreme headbands are white and black

If you have ever wondered how to spot a fake supreme headband, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

The two main colors of Supreme headbands are white and black. They may also come in other colors like red, blue or yellow. These additional colors are rarer and only available for a limited time.

White is the most common color of Supreme headbands with black coming second. If your friend claims that their headband has another color but has not put effort into checking this information on the internet, then it probably isn’t real!

One should look at when determining authenticity are the logos

The first thing one should look at when determining authenticity are the logos. The logo should be in the same font and size as the one on the official website. It should also be on the left side of the tag, where a capital S with a crown is visible. Additionally, it should be in white

The white sticker covering the tag hole should be smaller than a dime

To check if your Supreme headband is fake, you’ll need to look at the white sticker that covers the tag hole. The size of this sticker should be about 8mm by 8mm. If it’s larger than a dime (10mm), then it’s likely that your headband is fake. This can be confirmed by inserting an unfolded US one dollar bill into the hole and making sure that it doesn’t touch any part of the inside of your hat.

The white sticker should cover up most of this area—it shouldn’t be torn or damaged either.

A real Supreme headband is made from 100% cotton, while fake ones are most likely made from polyester

The first thing to look for is the fabric. Supreme headbands are made from 100% cotton, which is a natural fiber that’s much more durable than polyester. If a Supreme headband has been made with polyester (a synthetic fiber), it will probably be cheaper and less breathable than one that’s made from cotton. Polyester also doesn’t absorb moisture as well as cotton does, so if you’re looking at a fake Supreme headband you may notice that it wrinkles easily or just generally looks like garbage after wearing it once or twice. Whereas an authentic one should retain its shape much better over time.


The most important thing to look for when buying a Supreme headband is the material. If it isn’t made from 100% cotton, it probably isn’t authentic. This may seem obvious, but many people don’t realize this fact when they purchase fake items online.

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