What is Industrial Technology degree?

Industrial Technology Definition

The combination of manufacturing technology and engineering increases the production, production speed, invent an efficient process and easier way for production is called industrial technology.

In industrial technology, it is half technology, half business. Industrial Technology helps people to improve the creativity and individual proficiency in technology. An efficient employee is profitable for any company.

History of Industrial Technology

The history of industrial technology is related to the industrial revolution. Because it was not only the industrial revolution but also a technological revolution. The revolution established today’s modern society. the industrial revolution began in Great Britain and gradually spread to its whole world especially Europe and North America.


From the beginning till now the industrial revolution can be divided into three parts:

The First Industrial Revolution: The Age of Mechanical Production

The First Industrial Revolution began around 1760, the driving force of this step was steam. Steam was the energy source of steam and also the powerhouse of everything from agriculture to the manufacturing industry. At that time a large number of people used to make a living by working in agriculture. But steam engine diverts society to urbanization and people established new factories. Though the salary of laborers was less the factory life was not easy, because of an unskilled laborer. Less of factory labor, children also worked in factories alongside adults. After few years, create a medium level of skilled workers.

The Second Industrial Revolution: The Age of Science and Mass Production

Some inventions started to speed up. Chemical fertilizer, airplanes, gasoline engines all helped us do more and go faster. In the early 1900s, rural people leave their homes and move to urban areas for factory jobs. A 1900 survey found that 40% of the US population lived in cities. But in 1800 only 6% population lived in cities. The reason for this increased population was electricity facility, telephone system, radio, urbanization. Above all, the overall development of the communication system.

The Third Industrial Revolution: The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution beginning in the 1950s. Significant discoveries of this period Internet, Semiconductors, mainframe computer, personal computer. Some things had improved analog to digital like a telephone to the mobile phone, telegraph to mail, etc.

Industrial Technology Salary

Day by day industrial technologist salary increase. As of 2021, Industrial Technology Management gets an average of $72.4k annually. If we calculate per week salary it is equivalent to $1.39k/week and we calculate per month it is equivalent to $6.04k/month. A large number of Industrial Technology Management current salary between $37.5k to $87k.


There was a survey that 24% earn between $22.5k to $37.9k, 25% earn between $38k to %53.5k, 18% earn between $53.5k to $68.9k, 9% earn between $69k to $84.5k, 6% earn between $84.5k to &99.9k, 4% earn between $100k to 115.4k and other earn between $115.5k to $193k.

Industrial Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology shortly BSIT is an undergraduate degree offered to the pupil who has completed coursework in industrial technology? Industrial Technology Degree acknowledgment that anyone as an industrial technologist who can improve productivity, safety, and profitability.

Some Industrial Technology Degree related job sectors

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Industrial sales companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Industrial design consulting firms
  • Public utility companies
  • Construction companies
  • Retail organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals

Best Industrial Technology colleges in the U.S 2021

  • Olympic College (1945 in Bremerton, Washington)
  • Ivy Tech Community College (1963 in Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Lone Star College System (1972 in Woodlands, Texas)
  • Indiana State University (1865 in Terre Haute, Indiana)
  • University of Northern Iowa (1876 in Cedar Falls, Iowa)
  • Eastern Illinois University (1895 in Charleston, Illinois)
  • Pittsburg State University (1903 in Pittsburg, Kansas)
  • Southeast Missouri State University (1873 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri)
  • Illinois State University (1857 in Normal, Illinois)
  • University of Central Missouri (1871 in Warrensburg, Missouri)

Example of Industrial Technology


Henry Ford, the owner of Ford Motor Company developed a new way of manufacturing technology. This technology decreases the production cost and supply time. For this Ford company was able to produce cars at low cost. That’s why the middle-class people able to buy a new car from the Ford Company. Henry Ford invented the assembly line technique. In this technique workers stand by a line do only one type of task. As a result, their work skill on that task improve rapidly and the speed of their work also increased. Henry Ford declared a new workweek, he announced daily working hours is 8 and five days a week. He also announced an attractive wage of $ 5 per day for workers which increases the productivity and quality of workers.


Milk is a common food in our daily diet. The United States is the top as the most milk producer. Day by day increase using of technology to produce more milk. Before the invention of Rotolactor, milking from each cow was so difficult especially for dairy farm owners who have a large number of cows. For this, the owner had to employ more people. But after the invention of Rotolactor, the milking system became easier and more affordable.

Rotolactor developed in 1930 by an American company named Borden Company (producer of beverage and food, industrial products, and consumer products). Rotolactor using a rotating platform where a large number of cows can be milked at a time. Henry W. Jeffers invented it. There are Vacuums that contained individual milk machines. These machines are made of soft silicone or rubber so that cows don’t harm during milking. The milking machine gently places on a cow’s teats. It takes 10-12 minutes. Keep reading how to make a painting in minecraft.

What Courses Do Industrial Technology Majors Take?

Some courses are listed here which are Major in Industrial Technology. Some of them are required and some of them are elective.

  • Applied Industrial Management
  • Teaching Technology
  • Career and Vocational Guidance
  • Teaching Methods
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Science / Technology in Occupations / Mathematics
  • Supervised Work Experience
  • A student with Special Needs

What other majors are related to Industrial Technology?

  • Chemical Engineering Technician / Technology
  • Welding Engineering Technology / Technician
  • Energy Management and Systems Technology / Technician
  • Solar Energy Technology / Technician
  • Environmental Engineering Technology / Environmental Technology
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
  • Hazardous Materials Information Systems Technology / Technician
  • Quality Control Technology / Technician
  • Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Technology /Technician
  • Quality Control and Safety Technologies / Technician
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Engineering Technology / Technician
  • Industrial Safety Technology / Technician

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