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Interesting Facts About Formula One Racing

Formula One racing is by far the most famous form of motor sport in the world. It is watched by millions of people, well, those who remember to get their tv aerials installed by a professional TV Aerial Installation Swansea company such as One Vision Tv Aerials.

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Formula One is a motor sport that sees racers compete in races taking place on grand tracks that stretch across the globe. These races are known to attract millions of sports enthusiasts and curious motor racing enthusiasts to the tracks who watch these races live or on TV every year. There are many interesting facts about Formula One racing and we’ll look at a few here.

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The very first Formula One race was held in 1950 and it was an open class race held in Silverstone in the UK (where it is still held today). Each year new technologies and advancements are used in order to improve the race and give it more challenging conditions to the teams. These new parts and technology enable the teams to gain valuable extra seconds over the laps when they need them the most. Each race also brings different technological challenges for the cars of the competing teams and the drivers who participate as the straights and corners vary and bring new car setups. Formula One racing continues to evolve through the years as new and exciting technologies are introduced and made available to the teams and drivers.

This is followed by a Technical Inspection Day, where all components of the car are inspected, from the car body to its tyres.There are a record 23 races this season in and the season has spread to all continents of the globe making a truly global sport and spectacle.

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