Is Dark Age Defense a Scam?

In the realm of survival preparedness, the Dark Age Defense system has garnered significant attention. This program claims to provide a self-sustaining source of electricity during emergencies, utilizing a concept known as the “infinity coil.” However, the legitimacy of Dark Age Defense has been the subject of much debate, with some labeling it a scam.

What is Dark Age Defense?

Dark Age Defense is a guidebook authored by James Prescott, detailing the construction and operation of an infinity coil. This device supposedly harnesses energy from the surrounding environment to generate electricity. The book also encompasses various survival strategies and techniques.

Claims and Skepticism

Proponents of Dark Age Defense assert that the infinity coil can provide a continuous supply of electricity without relying on the conventional power grid. They maintain that this device is particularly valuable during grid outages or natural disasters.

However, critics remain skeptical of the infinity coil’s efficacy. They argue that the concept violates fundamental principles of physics, questioning its ability to generate usable electricity. Moreover, they point to a lack of scientific evidence supporting the infinity coil’s claims.

Assessing the Evidence

While the Dark Age Defense website presents testimonials from purported users, these accounts lack the rigor and objectivity required for scientific validation. Furthermore, the book’s explanations of the infinity coil’s operation are vague and lacking in technical detail.

Red Flags

Red Flags for Dark Age Defense Scam

Several red flags raise concerns about the legitimacy of Dark Age Defense. The book’s promotional materials employ sensational language and make exaggerated claims, often resorting to fear-mongering tactics. Additionally, the book is only available for purchase through the official Dark Age website, restricting independent scrutiny of its content.


The Dark Age Defense system remains shrouded in controversy, with its underlying principles and effectiveness lacking scientific backing. The absence of credible evidence and the presence of red flags raise significant doubts about its legitimacy. Consumers should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing in this program.


What is the infinity coil?

The infinity coil is a purported device claimed to generate electricity from the surrounding environment. Its operation is based on principles that conflict with established scientific knowledge.

Does the Dark Age provide a reliable source of electricity?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the Dark Age can provide a reliable source of electricity. The infinity coil’s underlying principles lack scientific validity.

Are there alternative methods for emergency power generation?

Yes, there are several proven methods for generating electricity during emergencies, such as solar panels, backup generators, and wind turbines. These methods are supported by scientific principles and have demonstrated effectiveness.

What are the risks of relying on Dark Age?

Relying on Dark Age Defense as a primary source of electricity could lead to power shortages and disruptions during emergencies. Additionally, the lack of scientific backing raises concerns about potential safety hazards.

How can I make informed decisions about emergency preparedness?

Consult reliable sources of information, such as government agencies and scientific organizations, to gather accurate and unbiased knowledge about emergency preparedness. Seek guidance from experts in the field and evaluate products and methods based on scientific evidence.

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